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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pointy
Owner: magicpinball
Pet Name: Kojatai
Breed: Halloween Mazzew

About Pointy:
Hello! Yes, down here! Wow, you're quite big for a mazzew. I'm just waiting my turn to get looked at in this petpet contest. Yes, the one being held just over there! But it's not what you might think... I have a really GOOD reason to be here in my silly little costume.

My name is Pointy... like this sign says, and all. At first, they didn't even give me a name! But Kojatai is my neopet's name; it was pretty, and that was enough for me back then. She was too young to know how to care for a petpet when she got me, you see... I was a gift from Tenskit, her lupe brother. They had recently passed a petshop in Tyrannia.

"I said the kittens in the window where cute..." Koja mumbled, lifting me from my cushiony box. "I didn't say I wanted one."

"Mazzews are almost self-sufficient, Kojatai. She'll keep you company," said Tenskit.

'Skit had won me on a lucky spin in a chance game.

Koja seemed doubtful, but she took Tenskit for his word. He being her brother, and all. She fed me, but wasn't sure how to care for me. So she let me alone, slightly amused at my attempts to follow them through the rocky terrain of Tyrannia. I remember watching Tenskit's albat riding on his shoulder with envy... I was unable to keep up with the swift pace of a lupe or the long legs of Kojatai the rainbow lenny. But I was not angry. Koja could not have carried me on our travels. Lennies have very thin, fragile bones and all. I was grateful enough to nestle under her soft wings at night as I longed for my siblings. They were probably still in that little cage behind the wheel of Monotony.

I grew, but not much. Did you know that Halloween Mazzews are the littlest of all? I learned to keep up. Our travels took us across sea and continent... to fantastic islands, dangerous mountains, and the hidden lairs of mystical creatures. The snowager, F.Y.I., is the worst. Koja got new brothers, and they all had their petpets... yet I was the only one left unnamed.

It was because of her brothers that she paid more attention to me, though. Tenskit was granted special shapeshifting powers (I still say it's the lab ray!), and let's just say that it can be difficult to be close to a jelly quiggle. Her younger lupe brother spent most of his time reading, working towards a trophy that made their owner quite happy. Last but not least, the youngest "brother" had a look of royalty and accomplishment. They all got a few compliments, occasionally, but though Kojatai got them too she felt somehow left out. She grew distant, collected plushies, and talked to me like a sister. She wanted a sister.

Koja couldn't even find any lenny friends, as lennies were few and far between. Her brothers' friends would snicker, and tell her that all lennies look "like boys". We'd play dress-up, in retaliation. Koja liked the witch hat, so I liked it also, see? Things were as they were meant to be.

She even got around to naming me. You may think I'm named for the hat... funny story with this hat, really! One day I put it on, and poof, I'm a Halloween Mazzew! But anyway, I got my name when she accidentally sat on my tail spikes. Ouch! Poor Koja! I have a name, and things are perfect.

Almost perfect. I grow tired of the days that she storms home and plucks me from her bed, gathering me into her wings for a ridiculous pout. "I only want a trophy to make Magic proud of me, but no one notices a Lenny" she'll cry. "Don't they think I'm beautiful?" she'll blubber. I assume she's entered beauty contests at the cybunny carnival, again. "Stupid brother that steals my books. Stupid book award!" she'll grumble jealously. And then, we'll sit in silence. But I can't reassure her of her beauty - Mazzews can't talk, see?

So I enetered this petpet contest. I wrote "Pointy" on this scrap of cardboard here and am prepared to strut my stuff. I need to win something, anything; not for my sake, but for my poor delusional neopet's!

Oh yes, of COURSE Mazzews can WRITE. =)

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