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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: SillySally
Owner: nopp88
Pet Name: sun_shine1022
Breed: Droolik

About SillySally:
While walking past Market Square you see a house with a beautiful golden statue in in-front.

What's that?!?

Some Droolik's drooling all over! You decide to do a good deed a take the petpet off so it won't ruin the statue.

"Hey, that's my petpet" screams the statue and snatches it back.

You relize the statue is just a golden aisha, and the droolik is hers. "I sorry", you apologize.

"T's okay, happens all the time", she pauses, "I'm sunshine and this is my droolik SillySally".
She invites you inside. You see drool here and there, in another room you hear others complaining about SillySally.

You accidentally blurt out, "How do live in this mess", opps...

"Erm, well I do clean up, and she helps, I guess... "

You change the subject," How'd you get SillySally anyway"?

My brother got her on 'Test your strength' for me, he says he regrets it now... whatever that means.

SillySally jumps up and licks your face, Yuck! "Umm.. I see" you reply.

"She does tricks! Just watch"! says the aisha.

SillySally stares at the ceiling.

"Well, then sit"
That dumb droolik lies down.

"Okay, stay"
SillySally falls asleep.

"See, told ya so!"

"Here, she has a book of the great history of her droolik family!, We made it!"
You flip the pages, drooliks, slime, scribbles, more slime. Then you find an article from the times that looks interesting, though she quickly takes the book back.

"One day we're gonna win the petpet spotlight" she says proudly, "Here, we drew a picture of us and the trophy".

You can't help but smile at the scribbles, pawprints, and of course, drool.

"One day we'll be in the times and be famous.. blahblahh blahh"

You try to pay attention but can't help but look into the longing eyes (which were now awake) and wonder what SillySally's trying to tell you.

You interrupt, "Does she have a family, is she hungry, does she suffer from cooties, IS she okay?" Yet again, opps!

"Well", the owner continues,"She has 24/7 access to the fridge and has never suffered from fleas.." "Her family, well we had 2 drooliks for a while, though we sold one 'cause it was worth 7k.. though she has me for a family, right"

"She has you to take care of her, and you do a good job taking care of the sweet little creature".
Had you just felt some kindness for that little monster?!?

"Thanks, though I never did think of her family.. maybe I should've kept the other."

You her a screams of NO!!! from the other rooms.

"Or not, why don't they like her?" she asks.

"Well not everybody is fond of drool, though I think she's worth it.

"Wow, I've never had anybody speak in favor of her!" "Thanks!"

The red eyes, horns, and yes, drool are worth it you relize. What a beautiful creature, no matter how grey. It may seem lonely, though all it needs is some compassion, you think.

A faint smile comes across SillySallys face, had she read your mind?

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