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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sidekick
Owner: junko_mizuno
Pet Name: Futant
Breed: Cadro

About Sidekick:
"Uhm.. Mom? The snowball you gave me is bumping into the wall again." Futant the Faerie Aisha pointed out helpfully.

The Abominable Snowball was, indeed, bumping into the wall. The snowball -- who was simply named Snowy at the time for lack of imagination -- did so quite often for reasons neither pet or owner could forsee.

"Well.. You know how it goes." Junko, Futant's owner/mom/chef/maid/etc, shrugged. "He'll do it for a while, then he'll stop."

"Riiiight." Futant sighed sarcastically. He wished he understood why the snowball insisted on bumping into things. Not just walls, but tables, boxes, rubbish bins, anything in his path. "If only you'd do more neat stuff."

Futant wasn't entirely unhappy with his petpet. Really, no other petpet he knew would run into walls and attack inanimate objects. Being a particularly malicious Aisha, Futant was rather glad to have a petpet just as malicious. If not as intelligent.

A few days after the latest incident with the wall, Junko proudly marched into her home. "Guess what? I got the petpet lab!" Granted, she had waited until the prices dropped to what she called 'stupidly low levels', but she was proud to obtain it regardless. "Now our Snowballs might change into spiffier things!"

Futant only stared. He let his siblings take their petpets first, unwilling to give up a snowball such that he had. He had heard horror stories at school, of petpets vanishing without a trace, or turning into weird, unheard of things.

Still, after his two siblings' petpets transformed -- one into a Green Abominable Snowball which he thought looked radioactive, the other into a Plushie Kookith that thought it was melting half the time -- his mom/owner/chef/maid/etc told him he either had to take dear Snowy, or he wouldn't have Snowy anymore.

Futant grumbled to himself in the petpet laboratory, glaring at the crazy Kookith. Maybe there was a chance that Snowy would become something more evil -- or was that 'eviler'? -- that he could really run into things with. Maybe something with wheels to run unsuspecting pets and petpets down, or something giant that can bite people. He giggled wickedly at the fantasies, disturbing other pets waiting in line.

The crazy Kookith jumped on buttons and pulled levers, giving the ray a kick to get it to work. Futant had to cover his eyes from the bright light that erupted; when he opened them again, a very confused Cadro stood where Snowy was before.

"Snowy!?" Futant's jaw dropped.

Snowy ran forward to Futant, tripping once along the way. When he got to his owner, he started to 'bump' into him again, his usual greeting. However, with new hands and feet, he started to kick and punch instead.

"Ow. Ow! Hey!" Futant flailed, picking Snowy up. "..I think I'm going to call you Sidekick now. You keep kicking me in the side." Sidekick kicked him again. "And in the face. Ow."

Thus, Futant had an evil petpet just as evil and malicious as he was, that kicked and punched at everything, as happy as can be. Sidekick even got a medal -- which he actually found in the grass, but didn't let anyone know that -- that he wore wherever he went.

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