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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Pookie
Owner: heretosee
Pet Name: Floweninac
Breed: Snow Spyder

About Pookie:
Hello, my name is Pookie, and I’d like to share my story with you. I wasn’t always a Snow Spyder, but I was painted snow so long ago that I can’t even remember the incident. My first few owners were wonderful people and pets; I had the most wonderful time with them. Then one day I was given to heretosee as a gift from a veteran player when hereto was just a newbie. She gave me to Floweninac, who was a kind blue Lupe and her only pet at the time.
Those were good times, we had so much fun. But then hereto got Amphiptereone, her Hissi. Mind you things were fine at first, until a certain camping trip on Terror Mountain. I was thrilled to be there, such nice, cold, snowy weather, but the trip went downhill when Flow and Amphy started a snowball fight. There I was minding my own business enjoying a nap when all of a sudden I wake up to “Hey, that one’s got sticks in it! You can’t throw it! Pull them out first!” Next thing I know Flow starts yanking on my legs! That, my friends, is the reason I only have six rather than a more appropriate eight.
Now, I know what you are thinking. You are saying, “Such a thing is surely a one time mishap, Floweninac must have apologized?” Well he did apologize, but future events made me doubt the situation was entirely accidental. You see, it wasn’t long before heretosee bought all the pieces to that horrid lab ray map. All was fine when only Flow’s gender was changing and his stats were jumping all over the place like a bunch of caffeinated Cybunnies, but then the lab ray thought it’d be clever and zap Flow into… I couldn’t believe it… a green Skieth!
That’s right everyone! A SKEITH! Right away Flow started looking at me funny, giving me sideways glances like a Pirakeet does. From day one he started saying things like “Turmy might be on to something…” and “I wonder where Turmy left that recipe book?” I finally confronted him, and he had to nerve to claim Turmy was a Techo he knew once! Did he truly think I was so gullible! Then, lo and behold, Flow shows up one day with a pot and some logs! Well you can imagine I start running right for the door, but then heretosee grabs Flow by the scruff and heads out. Now I thought she was saving me and followed the two of them to see where they were going, and do you know where it was? That lab ray!
So hereto zapped Flow, and can you believe it, the very day he decides to eat me, he changes species. I was so happy and grateful to heretosee until I realized that, of all things, he had been zapped into a SCHORCHIO! Now he expected me to spend all my time in a volcano! Do you have any idea what happens to snow IN A VOLCANO! That was a truly horrible experience. I lost so much weight during that time I was almost nothing more than sticks and coal… I wouldn’t have lasted another day when hereto hauled Flow off to that ray again. This time it was a color change, he became Maraquan!
Now, I know what you’re saying again. This time you are saying, “Well that’s great! Now you could spend all your time in the water away from volcanoes!” You’d think that wouldn’t you, but there’re volcanoes underwater people! Now I ask you, think of how hard it is to find a melted snowball IN THE OCEAN? Water tends to blend in rather well with water! I said as much to Flow, but did he listen to me? No! It was straight off to the deepest, hottest, undersea volcano in all of Neopia’s oceans!
Well that was it, that was the last straw. One day in by the underwater monstrosity, one day living in that bubbling cesspool of snowball annihilation, and I decided to take matters into my own hand, metaphorically of course. I decided to run away, all the way to the frozen southern continent right at the bottom of Neopia. This would have been a wonderful idea, had I stuck to snow instead of ice. Turns out I ended up frozen to a glacier and heretosee had to come chip me off. At least I got back all my weight though right?
So, it all seemed better when Flow got zapped again, this time to a blue Koi. I was still melting in all that water, but not nearly so fast as before. I was happy, Flow even apologized for my mistreatment. Later he the ray turned him into an Elephante and I even got to spend some time on land. Sure, I had to dodge his massive lumbering feet but all in all it wasn’t that bad.
Then it happened. It happened again. Courtesy of that abhorrent lab ray, Floweninac is once again a Skeith. I just saw him with a cookbook. It won’t be long now. Please, if you have any pity, any kindness in your heart… For the love of life, for the aid of the weak, for me! Anyone… someone… help me…

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