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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Greybeard
Owner: flamebaby386
Pet Name: spot44321
Breed: Pirate Frillabon

About Greybeard:
Hello, my name is spot44321, and I'm here to tell you about the best little pirate Petpet in the whole world. Ok, yes, *sigh*, I know that Greybeard here is supposed to be writing this himself, but unfortunately frillabons aren't very good at holding pencils.
Anyway, I met Greybeard when my owner, flamebaby386, took all of us pets on a vacation to the Krawk Island beach. I was taking a little stroll along the shore, enjoying the tranquility of the water and the quiet rustling of the wind, when suddenly my foot slipped on a slimy piece of kelp and I was thrown backwards onto the sand. "Arrr!" the kelp said. Wait a minute, I thought to myself, a piece of kelp talk? I stared down, bewildered, and saw that I had accidentally stepped on the strangest looking Petpet I had ever seen. It was a frillabon, well actually, a rather large frillabon, and on his pointed head rested a ridiculously oversized pirate hat.
"Hi there." I kneeled down to touch the Petpet, but he had already proceeded to twist around my ankle. "You're kind of an interesting little creature, aren't you? Would you like to be my Petpet?"
"Arrr Yarrgh Grrr." the frillabon responded. At least, that's what I assumed he said, as his little grey beard really tended get in the way and make him mumble.
Greybeard, that's what I'll call you, I thought as I lifted him off of the sand. I took his garbled answer to mean yes and enthusiastically carried him to my owner.
"That's great spot, I'm really happy for you." flamebaby was sunning herself on a towel when I approached her with the pirate frillabon.
"I'm happy too." I replied.
"But..." Flamebaby frowned suddenly.
"Well, just so you're aware, because you probably should know, frillabons don't usually make the best pirates. Actually, they're pretty docile, and they’re not very intelligent."
"What do you mean?" I asked inquisitively. Flamebaby must have been mistaken. I looked down at Greybeard, who had fallen asleep on my shoulder. "Greybeard's not a good pirate?"
"Hmm..." Flamebaby bit her lower lip. "You know, maybe if you train the little guy enough, he would become a good pirate..."
"Of course he will." I interrupted, feeling a bit offended by her judgment. After carefully reviewing her words I decided that I would make Greybeard the best pirate ever.
Later that afternoon I brought Greybeard over to the local ice cream hut, where a sun-tanned Kacheek and an Ogrin were ordering a snack.
"Ok Greybeard, listen up." Greybeard turned to me and smiled. "Pirates are the fiercest residents in Neopia. If you want to be a real pirate, you're going to have to learn how to scare Neopets. So, I want you to go up to that Ogrin and...scare him!"
"Arr!" Greybeard responded affirmatively, leaping from my shoulder with a dramatic flair. I crossed my fingers as Greybeard inched closer and closer to the unsuspecting Neopet, who had just received his ice cream from the vendor. That's it, I thought to myself, now jump up and scare him. Greybeard lowered his head menacingly, raised his tail, and...waved.
"Oh, why, how cute! Maurie, come look at this frillabon! I think it's waving hello!"
"It's absolutely adorable!" the Kacheek replied, stroking Greybeard under the chin.
Oh no, what was Greybeard doing?! Fraternizing with the enemy?! I sat down on the sand and rested my head in my hands. Maybe flamebaby was right. Maybe Greybeard really wasn't a very good pirate after all.
After a good ten minutes of racking my brain for an answer to Greybeard's friendliness problem I heard a quiet rustling sound to my left.
"Arr!" Greybeard crawled up to me and tapped me lightly on the arm with his tail.
"Not now Greybeard." I shooed him away, but he continued to poke me repeatedly. After this continued for a couple seconds more, Greybeard then proceeded to scurry off into a large bush. Curious, I followed him over to the vegetation. What could possibly make Greybeard so excited?
As I reached the giant plant a distinctive gold glimmer caught my eye. Lying partly buried under the bush was a beautiful shiny dubloon.
"Greybeard, did you find this yourself?" Greybeard bobbed his head up and down and I hugged him warmly. Maybe Greybeard wasn't the fiercest or the bravest pirate Petpet around, but he certainly was the best pirate for me.

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