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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mr_X
Owner: tangledtrees
Pet: Calamine
Breed: Fleurbik

About Mr_X:

Greetings, my name is Mr X. Well, actually it's not, but my real name is top secret. I am a spy for Dr. Sloth (that's top secret as well so don't tell anyone) and I came to this stupid little planet on a top secret mission, to spy on Calamine the plushie blumaroo and report back to Dr.Sloth. You see, Calamine was made by a tailor to Sloth's army who was working on the space station. This tailor somehow came across a lucky blue pearl that my master had cleverly stolen from the Hidden Tower but then, perhaps not so cleverly, lost. The tailor did not know the powers of the pearl, the idiot thought that it was just a pretty blue bead and he sewed it onto the plushie that he was making for his son. Later the plushie was brought to life by that meddling fool Coltzan and it escaped from Dr.Sloth's base in the Lost Desert. Now my master wants his lucky pearl back and that is why I am here, to watch Calamine's every move so that he can be kidnapped when the time is right.

I arrived in Terror Mountain one sunny morning, packaged up in a big box with a big red ribbon tied round it - sappy plushie pets just love ribbons. I was very cramped inside and had started to worry that my petals might be getting damaged but then the box was opened and I was lifted out. Ha! The fools! They all thought that I was a harmless fleurbik. They admired my petals (they are quite beautiful) and I did a little dance and waved my head about. Calamine adored me, as I knew he would, and he took me as his petpet. That night when he was sleeping I scuttled out of the house and transmitted my message to Dr.Sloth, telling him that I had infiltrated the household and would await further instructions.

As one of Sloth's most able secret agents I am used to harsh conditions but no amount of training could have prepared me for this operation. I was hugged and kissed and carried everywhere - me, who once hiked 12 miles uphill through a blizzard to capture an enemy agent! Calamine even tied ribbons around my pot and said that I looked pretty! Ugh! If any of my colleagues could see what I have endured on this mission then I would be a laughing stock! I can only hope that it will be over soon.

Even worse, I think I may have begun to malfunction. Sometimes when Calamine smiles at me and tells me how pretty I am I get a warm feeling in my little metal heart. I used to dream about space battles and training missions but lately I have found myself dreaming about buttercups and bunny rabbits and ribbons. Sometimes I even begin to doubt my master and I wonder if there might be more to life than trying to take over the world.

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