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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Quoxwood
Owner: lachtaube
Pet: Paarlei
Breed: Ettaphant

About Quoxwood:

"Quoxwood, breakfast!"

The sound of four huge feet softly stepping across my lawn was muffled slightly by the sound of two identical trunks trumpeting hungrily. Quoxwood carefully stepped up to its troth and began eating its favorite meal; tigersquash pudding and celery.

That's how all of my mornings started out.. Sure, it would get a little boring every now and then, but if Quoxwood ever sensed my thirst for something new and exciting, they might try something new like showing me a new trick they thought of.

...Hi, my name's Paarlei!

Agh, a little late on the introduction, I know... Anyways, I'm a Royal Eyrie.. Nothing too special. Just a prince of no-where-land. ...No, no-where-land does not exist, but you could imagine what might happen if every royal neopet decided to stake down and create their own dynasty. Yikes. Anyways, I live with my family; Abra, my owner, Emsohl, my little half-sister, and Juippour, the newest foster pet. He currently serves as a lab rat.

The other neopets living under the same roof as me aren't the only other family members I have. Quoxwood is like my baby. I adore him! ...Er... Her... It.

You see, Quoxwood is an Ettaphant... And a rather peculiar one at that. I'm sure we are all aware that Ettaphants have two heads joined at the cheek, am I correct? Well, usually, Ettephants' heads are the same gender. That's not Quoxwood's case, oh no! Quoxwood's left head, Quox, is female (you can tell by the purple and pink in her eyes!) and its right head, Wood, is male. I'm really not sure how to describe Quoxwood as a whole, hence my calling the creature an 'it' or referring to Quoxwood as 'them'. Two separate people (er... petpets). That's what they are! Joined as one.

Quoxwood has grown very much attached to itself (no pun intended). Er, head for head that is. Because Quoxwood's brains are separate (as is the case with most other Ettaphants), Quox and Wood can actually bond with each other! They rarely ever fight, and when they do, well... Let's just say no one ever really wins. All they can do to each other is step on their own feet and smack themselves in the head with their trunks. At times it can be humorous, but I decide to try to work things out with them before they actually hurt themselves (or someone else).

Quoxwood loves to go on afternoon walks on the edge of the Haunted Woods in the Lost Desert. It usually lets me ride on its back (at least when ever I can tie some reins around their outer tusks) so it doesn't have to go wandering off by itself. Their heads simply hold each others' trunks and happily meander off, lumbering around where ever I lead them.

I love my Quoxwood. Even though they can't speak, Quox and Wood always seem to know what's going on and what I'm feeling. They always look out for me and each other, which is truly touching- especially considering the fact that we can't really verbally communicate with each other (well, Quox and Wood can with each other... You get the idea). But all the love that's bundled up inside that giant Ettaphant heart is never afraid to express itself, especially when I'm afraid or down. That's what makes them so special to me.

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