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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: SuperNiceJessica
Owner: sabina905
Pet Name: SuperCuteSmantha
Breed: Buzzer

About SuperNiceJessica:
Hi, My name is SuperNiceJessica. I'm a buzzer. Today I'm going to tell you how I became SuperCuteSmantha's petpet. This is going to be a long and lonely tale.

I was roaming Neopia Central, when suddenly I was captured. Now, you should know that, petpets aren't allowed to roam around without an owner. So, I was taken to the petpet shop. There I was in a cage with all the other petpets.

While I was there, I made some cool friends, like Buzzie! But then after a month Buzzie and all the other petpets were sold. So, once again I was alone. The owner of the shop didn't know what to do with me while he went on vacation, so he sent me away.

Oh, I was sent away to faerie land. There, I made some more friends, but they too got adopted before me. I really liked it there because I was always pampered! :) Sometimes, I felt a little lonely though. "sigh". After a while I was feeling so sad that even if I was pampered I was very sad. Every time someone came in the shop I had some hope that I would get a new hop. But every time, I just felt sadder and sadder. Then, on a great day I was finally adopted! :)I was so happy I even forgot my manners!;)

Unfortunately, I soon found out that I was not adopted so that I could play with a Neopets, but to be put up for sale. This was the worst thing to find out.

Once again I spent some time alone is someone's shop. I stayed there for months and still didn't get adopted. I watched as thing were bought, and new thing were added. Soon the shopkeeper forgot to even feed me!! That's when it really got bad. I was hungry, lonely, and very, very sad. Then once again I was adopted. But this time I wasn't so happy, because I wondered if I was going to be put up for sale again. :(
I tried my best to look exited as can be but I just couldn't after what happened last time.

Hooray!! I was not to be put into a shop! I was given to SuperCuteSmantha. She was the best, and she still is! I was so happy to finally play with a Neopet! Together we played Frisbee and ball. Sometimes we even broke some things, but no one got mad. :)

I was even allowed to roam around Neopia. Of course, I had a leash or else I would be sent back to the petpet shop and everything would start all over again! ;)

I've been through a bunch of troubles and I have been very lonely for I very long time. But to finally have a friend forever is the best thing ever!! :)

Then I found out that SuperCuteSmanthat got a sister, SuperCuteSamantha! Then I knew that I would have a great new friend! :)SuperCuteSamantha's petpet, SuperNiceSally! Together we also had a lot of fun! :)

This is the end of my tale. SuperCuteSmantha and SuperNiceJessica lived happily ever after together. :)

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