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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Snowmuncher
Owner: baby_girl_809
Pet Name: blackstar_809
Breed: Blue Polarchuck

About Snowmuncher:
Crunch, crunch. The crisp, white snow shuffled under Blackstar’s hooves as she stepped out into the chilly morning air. Snowmuncher, her bright, blue Polarchuck, was already eating through a pathway of snow, clearing the sidewalk from their Neohome.

“Thanks Snowmuncher!” Blackstar chirped joyfully. “Now let’s get to Neopia Central for an interview.”

Snowmucher clambered on Blackstar’s back as they galloped away from Meridell into the bustling streets of Neopia Central. She hesitantly stepped into the Bakery, where I was sitting in the corner with a steaming cup of coffee and toast. “Good morning, Blackstar,” I smiled and winked as she hopped onto the nearest chair. “I’m sure Snowmuncher and you are here for your interview?”

Blackstar nodded as Snowmuncher jumped off her back and plopped onto the nearest chair. “Well,” she began, “I first met Snowmuncher during my vacation at Terror Mountain last year. It was my first trip out of Meridell, and I was extremely excited to explore the wonders of Terror Mountain because I had heard it was such a beautiful place. It was glorious, with white tipped mountains and soft, velvety snow crinkling under your feet. Then, in the field of white snow, I saw a small blue creature in the distance with small black claws and a stubby, dark nose. I was extremely curious, so I slowly trotted my way across the snow to get a better look. I walked up to the little creature, who was using its tiny paws and large teeth to build what seemed like an igloo. When the little critter saw me approach, he suddenly stopped and glanced up with its large, dark eyes. I smiled gently, and pointed to the large igloo he was building. The critter nodded fervently and took my hoof, indicating that he wanted me to help. I chuckled and graciously helped him carry blocks of ice as he chipped and gnawed to sculpt the blocks. It wasn’t until nightfall until we completed the igloo, but as we stepped back to view our masterpiece, a proud grin spread across our faces. That night, the little critter and I huddled up in the igloo and slept soundly.”

Blackstar took a quick sip of coffee, cleared her throat, and continued on. “I loved the tiny critter with his adorable little paws and his playful smile. When I woke up the next day, I glanced at the small, blue figure and asked if he wanted to come home to Meridell with me. A moment of silence fell, and we looked deep into each other’s eyes. All of a sudden, he beamed at me, flashing his large, polished teeth and nodded vigorously. I rejoiced at the thought of finding my first friend and hugged him tightly. To remember our happiest winter together, I named him Snowmuncher after the igloo he built.”

Snowmuncher joyfully bounced on his chair, nodding his head with an adorable grin on his chubby face. He hopped onto Blackstar’s back and curled into a ball while Blackstar continued to talk. “Snowmuncher has faithfully been at my side ever since that winter. We love to go back every year to visit our igloo, which is now used by Mike and Carrassa. Snowmuncher loves to eat, so that’s why he gets so chubby. I usually take him to the Smoothie Shop twice a day to buy him some chilly drinks. His favorite is the Mega Ice Creamy Smoothie, which is both filling and delicious. We went trick-or-treating at Haunted Woods last year, where we entered to Castle of Eliv Thade. I was hesitant to go, but he held my hoof every step of the way and led me through the scary house,” Blackstar paused, but then proceeded. “Winter is Snowmuncher’s favorite time of the year. He loves to build ice sculptures in our garden. Each year, all of our neighbors come and view his sculptures and give him compliments and praise, which makes him extremely happy. When I came down with the Sneezles last year, it was Snowmuncher who walked through the thick snow to the Neopian Pharmacy and brought me home a Magic Cookie as well as an Orange Ixi Cake. I really couldn’t ask for a better companion.”

Blackstar smiled slightly as she cradled Snowmuncher, who was fast asleep. “It’s time for his morning nap,” she told me. “After that, we need to stop by the Smoothie Shop. You should come to our house sometime. He built a row of ice sculptures yesterday and they’re very beautiful.”

“Of course I will someday,” I assured her. With that, Blackstar gave me a tight hug, and with Snowmuncher on her back, she galloped out of the Bakery and into the distance.

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