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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sikihu
Owner: yiie
Pet Name: Faqihi
Breed: Cougi

About Sikihu:
Hi! My name’s Sikihu. I’m just yanno, your ordinary Cougi. Well, I guess ordinary; I mean not most petpets write letters and mail them off. And I guess there’s not many wintery petpets you see living on Mystery Island. But hey! That’s what makes me cool, yanno?

It did take a long time to get to Mystery Island though. A really, really long time. Like all wintery petpets I live up in Happy Valley for most of my young life. I lived in a colony of other Cougi and just ran around playing most of our days. But telling that story won’t get me anywhere near the story I wanted to tell now will it.

It all happened the one day we were all playing and my friend Hioka dared me to climb the top of Terror Mountain. Now I could never down a dare, especially if it was from Hioka. So I said yes and began my journey, alone.

Okay I wasn’t scared, well a little but not a lot I mean I could do this no problem! Easy enough. A day’s worth of climbing then a fun slide back down on my fury back the whole way. Fun, fun, fun. So I just set up on climbing. The only time I had paused was when I grew hungry and munched on the snow berries in near by bushes or when my little legs grew tired and my nose was flashing it’s bright red color.

But like I said, after a near day I was at the top. I was victorious. So happy! I bounced into the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop to get myself something to eat before my ride down to the bottom. But I mean, this was the thing to top off all things! I mean, just get this, as I was eating my Strawberry Snow Puff (which I had carefully snuck away to the back room, I don’t carry neo points! I’m a petpet!) and I was just stuffed into this stock box! I mean c’mon, can’t you look at what you’re throwing into the box?!

So yeah, now I’m suck in this box! Well, I didn’t lose the bet but I ain’t gonna be able to see my friends again! I’m being bounced away and I’m guessing this stocking Shoyru was flying me off too the bottom of the mountain and put me in this tuck. The tuck’s just driving away to the ocean and then I’m guess I get moved onto this boat.

I’ve never been in a boat so I got a little boat sick. I did manage to keep it all down (I’ve been munching on the melted food items in the box, who in the world was trying to carry frozen food off without a freezer? Insane!) and suddenly I heard a crash! Apparently the boat was jumped by a pack of Jetsams. I don’t remember much after wards. I was knocked out for most of the incident.

I don’t know how long I was gone for but I awoke drifting on a piece of plank. Everything else was gone and the Jetsams had gratefully spared me. I was please but also famished. I had no idea were I was and I thought this was going to be the end. And it was all stupid Hioka’s fault. Fiddlesticks! My stomach was growling so much I couldn’t believe it. I have never been so hungry in my life!

I thought surely I was a goner. Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Ugh, stupid phrase. But it was true in the fact. I don’t know if hours had gone by or if it was merely just minutes passing by.

Oh but I will never forget this Flotsam! Oh great Faerie Queen she came at the most perfect time!

“Oh dear oh my!” she gasped looking at me. “You’re so starved my dear Cougi! I know of a place close by where you can gather as much fruit as you may eat!” she told me. I grinned lifting my body to sit up.

“Please miss, take me to that place!” I begged. The Flotsam gladly let me ride on her back as she swam to Mystery Island. No one of my kind has ever been this far south before! It was incredible! I could feel my fur thin out on my ride there letting my little body cool under the warming sun. But this Island was unbelievable! I was never told of a place like this!

“This is the Island. You can find plenty fruits here! You willn’t find any of your kind here little Cougi, though. I do hope you find some friends.” and with that the Flotsam swam off. I couldn’t have been more grateful. I hopped off along the beach finding a plentiful of fruits to eat along the way.
I always hid back in the shade, I saw all the other aquatic and warmer climate petpets and automatically knew that I would be an odd one of them.

I hid back for a few days, making my home under a Vinberry bush (it took me forever to figure out how to eat these tricky little berries). And during one of my days of sleeping away in the shade a lone Zafara always passed by my home and left small amounts of Taokicarrots by my side. I fell in love with these snacks the instant I ate one.

Occasionally I would catch this Zafara placing the snacks beside me and I would watch him walk off to collect more shells that he would eventually use to make jewelry as he sat beside the shore.

A week and a half went on before I finally trotted up to the Zafara one day with his of making his shell jewelry.

“Thank you for the food!” I said to the yellow Zafara who looked down at me with a soft smile.

“You’re an odd petpet.” he said to me as he strung, not a shell, but a tropical flower onto a thread. “It’s obvious that you came from up north.” he added another flower.

I explained my story to the Zafara (exaggerating a few bits. Hey! He’ll never know!) as he continued his flower necklace.

“I’m surprised you made it all the way here little one.” the Zafara said as he connected the two ends of the thread together. “I’m sure you would like a better home then under a Vinberry bush. My name’s Faqihi. I live not to far from here little one. Would you like to live with me?”

I couldn’t help but grin and nod “I would! It’s every petpet’s dream to find the perfect owner! And my name‘s Sikihu!” I was so excited I almost forgot to tell him what my name was! I hopped up on my feet. Faqihi smiled as placed the small necklace around my neck like it was a name tag.

“That’s nice Sikihu. Don’t worry. I will be a wonderful owner.” Faqihi said as he scooped me up in his arms and carried me off to the house.

Now the house was and still is being built. The owner Yiie (we all call her Starie) has a bit of neopoint problems and isn’t able to save over 10K. That’s okay though, we all stay over at her friend Queensberry’s (Berrie for short) home until it is finished.

Faqihi, like he said, is and always will be a wonderful owner! He is the best! He still goes on his days threading shells and I like to just sit beside him threading flowers.

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