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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Melf
Owner: bballman3404
Pet Name: pittpenguin_2004
Breed: Christmas Mallard

About Melf:
Hi, I'm PittPenguin_2004, and I want to tell you all about my Petpet, Melf. He is a Christmas Mallard and is the greatest Petpet alive!

Melf and I have a lot in common. We're both birds that have to do with winter; I'm a Bruce and he is a CHRISTMAS Melf. We love sliding on slippery ice and eating our favorite meal - Snowghetti and Meatballs. Melf and I also like to play with our Holly Football.

My Petpet and I have some differences, too. He comes from Mystery Island; where I found and adopted him, brought him home, and painted him. I, of course, come from Terror Mountain. I'm also about 2 times as tall as him. Another difference is that he can fly, and I can't.

Now I want to tell you about our greatest adventures ever!

One day Melf and I were doing the usual, sliding down Terror Mountain on ice when suddenly we heard a loud "crack!" noise that echoed through the other mountains. We looked down and saw a crack forming in the ice right beneath us! I looked up at Melf, but he was not there. I thought he had fallen! I was about to fall in the huge crack when I felt a huge blow to my side. I flew off to the side of the crack and saw Melf flying above me. No one else was around, so Melf had to have just saved my life!

Melf hopped on my shoulder and I waddled away from the crack. I couldn't believe that Melf would risk his own life to save mine! I will NEVER forget that day. When we got back home I pet him for a long time and we ate Snowghetti and Meatballs.

Another one of my favorite adventures with Melf just happened over the summer. We went on a swimming tour! Melf and I were bored of listening to the tour guide's boring monotone voice and swam away from the group - big mistake! We were very soon lost. We tried our best to find our way home but couldn't. Then, we saw something below us on the ocean floor. I took out my waterproof binoculars and looked down. It was New Maraqua! I was never sure if it definitely existed. We didn't want anything bad to happen again so we decided not to go closer. We figured out that we need to head North, and we figured out which way that was by looking at the sun! It wasn't long before we arrived back home and were telling our friends all about the adventure!

Melf is the best Petpet in all of Neopia! I love him so much. He is loyal, respectful, he listens to me, he is loving, he is fun, and he even saved my life! How could you get a better Petpet than that?! Well, I hope you enjoyed learning about my Christmas Mallard, Melf, and I hope you get a Christmas Mallard of your own someday! They're a lot of fun!

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