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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fastidious
Owner: liane_the_rider
Pet Name: Ifteth
Breed: Warf

About Fastidious:
Hello, it's Ifteth, the silver Scorchio, introducing....


Isn't she just adorable?? *giggle* I think so, too. From her pretty little eyes to her waggy little tail, she's gorgeous.I just got Fastidious, but I'm already completely in love with her. I used to have an Abominable Snowball, but he must've run away because one day I came home and he was gone! I was very sad, but since it was such a nice sunny day I decided he'd be plenty happy wherever he was.

Fastidious is very, very affectionate. Every day when I get home from work she rolls around on the floor and purrs while I tell her what a good little Warf she is. If she isn't already waiting for me at the door, she runs up to me and jumps on my legs so that I'll pick her up because she just loves to cuddle! I must admit, I love to cuddle as well. And cuddling with such a sweet, cute, fuzzy little... I digress, but you get how wonderful I think she is.

Her favorite foods are peas, oddly enough. I tried feeding her meat, cheese, pies... but all she wanted was peas! She kept digging into the garden until I finally made her her very own little vegetable patch. To balance out her diet, I feed her carrots every once in a while, although she doesn't really like them. However, if I make a sort of pea and carrot milkshake for her in the blender, she slurps it right up. I'm not really sure why she likes peas so much, maybe it has something to do with the fact that my owner doesn't like vegetables at all, and so there are always plenty in the garden to be had! Unlike meat, all of us like meat except Fastidious and my sister The_Asparagus_Queen. I think I'll just stick with the explanation that my Warf is strange...

I should tell you how Fastidious got her name! I love battling in the battledome, not always, but sometimes, and so I was thinking that a good fighting petpet would really help me out. My owner surprised me with a Warf and I was very excited, and even if she isn't a good fight I still love her! I was going to name her something along the lines of "Death Rampager XVI" but once I got to know her a little better I realized that she was much too fussy! She is constantly cleaning herself and everything around her. I'm thinking of getting her a little mop and broom set for Christmas, I think she'd really like it. Maybe they sell those in Usuki sets, and then she could have a little Cleaner Usuki Doll! I think that would be positively precious. Especially if they wore matching clothes and I took a picture! I'm going to do it, it's decided, haha!

Anyhow, I have to go now, as a treat to Fastidious we're going to Mystery Island! Just to let her know that even if she may not be painted or lab rayed or anything special like that, I still love her, and so do all my friends and family!

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