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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Demetrie
Owner: nightchild1120
Pet Name: susans_baby143
Breed: Niptor

About Demetrie:
When I met Demetre and how she came to be my friends
*Thump* *Thump* *Thump*, I heard the loud thundering sound of footsteps filling the air all around me fallowed by the quick rustingly of grass you know the kind of sound that is barely even heard fallowed by deep long sounds of hot breath filling the nights air, suddenly I was caught off guard completely startled to the point that I fell over in terror at the frightening sight at what stood right in front of me, I remember losing my footing and hitting the ground so hard that I felt like I fell off of a cliff top half dazed and seriously confused I looked in front of me and had the worst feeling I had ever had you know the feeling of terror that this night is your last night left on neopia I closed my eyes as tight as I could I could feel my heart tryingt o beat right out of my chestI held my eyes tighter and tighter so that I could not feel that impending pain that surely was to fallow by being eatten by the masive beast that stood right in front of me teeth bared surely it was hungry I realized it was a Niprot one os Tyrannia's most verocious creatures the only thing that was worse then their appitite was their bite those massive teeth gleamed like two daggers in the night, I waited for the pain to come and I waited for the attack but nothing, was it so quick that I hadnt realized I had been eatten..No that is just silly.. So I slowly opened my eyes perhaps I hadn't been seen, but how could it not see me I am on the ground right in front of it I see it staring at me, too petrified to move I opened my eyes fully and looked strait into its massive eyes and as I was looking into its eyes suddenly I heard a tiny voice asking if i was okay and if I was really afraid assuring me that I will not be eatten and should stand up.Wondering if it was just a trick perhaps I was easier to eat if I was standing up slowly I gathered my sences and got to me feet or I shoudl say Hooves I dont have feet.
The voice began to speak in a voice so tiny yet so elegant the words come out "let me introduce my self... I am Demetre, as you can probably tell I am of the Niptor Species," I tried to assure her that I hadnt noticed, perhaps if she is hungry and I humor her she wont eat me, I smiled a half crooked smile, she continued " you have nothing to fear from me after all I am a vegetarian" breaking the silence with a small almost forced laugh I took a sigh feeling a little releaved. Before me stood one of the most frightening creatures in all of Tyrannia claiming she is a vegetarian it was a far fetched story I was not not sure if I should beleave her or not, as I remembered as I continue to look over her small physique and then I noticed a small leash that she was holding in her claws attached to a even smaller pet, Thinking to myself not that a vegetarian niptor wasnt interestingly enough but now this niptor has its own pet. I took a moment to shake my head in an attempt to wake myself up I thought surely I must have hit my head when I fell over how elce could I explain this strange almost omnius situation that I was now in. Dusting off my fur Demetre noticed that I was sort of stairing an advertantly at her pet and again that soft tiny voice begins to speak" Oh yes, I see you have noticed my pet this is Spencer he is a very rare little pet that I picked up when i was on vacation on Mystery Island he is called a Zytch". Slowly I found myself getting closer and closer this cute little guy how adorable, how rare and as I was just about to pet this delicate little guy "Spencer" Quickly he lunged at me teeth fully bared he cought me totally off guard and I nearly fall over agian. demetre however began to appologise and explained to me that Zytches are not demesticated pets and they rarely trust or like strangers but not to be offended that her bark is worse then her bite.Personally I always thought those little teeth looked like they could do some damage however I was not about to try to find out, so I kept my hooves to myself
"Spencer" I remember that I comment on what an interesting name, Demetre went on to explain that she was reading a book (Yes I said reading, another interesting bit of knowledge you were not aware of, but yes Niptors read actually they are most fond of history novels) but getting back to the explaination, spencer was a name she found in an ancient history of meridell and she loved the name so much she decided to give it to her pet.
I found that talking to demetre was quite pleasant and interesting and not quite what I would have expected after all she is quite frightening to look at with those feerce teeth and claws but I realized it isnt always best to judge any pet before you get to know him or her.Before I knew it time had flown just right by we spent alot of time together that summer after all Demeterie had no home of her own and I had no pet of my own and well the rest is history we have been the best of friends every since and even Spencer has gotten used to me he no longer tries to bite me and we are good friends too he even steals my doughnut fruits. Well that is how demetrie became my friends if you shoudl see her wandering around neopia dont try to pet spencer but take the time to say Hello and have a conversation she loves meeting people and dont worry she doesnt bite but I cant say that for spencer.
Well I need to be going for now, Bye everyone

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