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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Aurora
Owner: miniaussiechick
Pet Name: miniaussiechick
Breed: Kazeriu

About Aurora:
Only but a few days ago I was sitting in a shop, hoping for a friend to take me home. Miniaussiechick, my mommy, was looking around, fretting, because for the longest time she had wanted a Lutra.

She stared at each petpet thoughtfully, then would shake her head and move on to the next one. I sat anxiously as she found a Lutra, plying with a new rubber ball in his cage. He looked up at her and whimpered softly, as if he knew she wanted him so badly.

"No," Molly said. "Lutra's can be cute and cuddly, but they belong in the wild, with the Lutari's . They shouldn't be cooped up. Choose a petpet that will love being with you!"

Mini nodded and continued on. She stopped by a the Noil's, and smiled at all the playful creatures laughing and playing, but one growled, and his fur stood on end. He hissed at Mini and so she continued on once again.

"Pick any petpet you'd like. I have plenty of neopoints for any of these petpets. I have enough for a painted one if you'd like!" Molly pointed to a Marquan Gruslen, which Mini admired for several minutes, but them moved on.

Finally she go to my area of the store. I was the only one left of my kind, and she admired my beauty and getly, flowing movements. I lowered my head in a respectful bow.

"Why, hello there," Mini said, reaching in a touching my head. She did long, careful strokes don my back onto my graceful tail.

Molly walked over with a Rainbow Noil in her arms. She cradled it lovingly and handed it to Mini. A single tear left my eye and hit the concrete ground. This Noil was not mean at all. He was sweet and kind. I knew I wasn't meant to be in a home.

But Mini shook her starry head, her blue eyes staying on me. She pointed and reached into the cage. "I'd like this beautiful creature. She's so sweet and I think she'd be a great addition to the family."

Sitting adjacent to my cage was the underwater petpets. A Primella caught Mini's eye. She dropped me and ran to the Primella. She shook her head at the sickly creature and walked back, once again, over to me.

"Would you like to come home?" Mini asked me.

I nodded and jumped back into her arms, settling down quite comfortably. "Then it's settled," Mini chirped. "You are my newest baby Kazeriu," she said reading the name tag on my cage.

She went to the pay counter and paid a hefty sum of neopoints to the cashier, and trotted out with me. Molly followed close behind, admiring me from afar.

We looked up in the sky, heading back to our home on Mystery Island. We saw a beautiful light in the sky. It almost looked like the Aurora Borealis.

"I shall name you Aurora," Mini said. "We'll be together forever."

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