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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mariaxi
Owner: pyria
Pet Name: Valoriax
Breed: Maraquan Buzzer

About Mariaxi:
Hi I'm Valoriax, the Mutant Lenny, and I'm here to tell you all about my favorite Petpet of them all, Mariaxi. I was given Mariaxi on a hot summer Thursday in July, and my life hasn't been the same ever since my owner gave her to me.

When I was first given Mariaxi, my Maraquan Buzzer, I had actually expected a Petpet that was a little... well, like me. I really didn't expect to get a Maraquan Petpet, but I knew no matter how different we looked we could still be great friends.

When I first got Mariaxi, she was first kind of, afraid of me. I knew I wasn't exactly the prettiest or neatest looking Neopet around, so it was pretty hard to get her to realize I wasn't going to harm her. I had to gain Mariaxi’s trust by doing things she enjoys, like going to Maraqua to do some underwater fishing, and collecting shells, she definitely loves that. After a while though she eventually warmed up to me, and we've been the best of friends ever since.

Every day me and Mariaxi wake up and go to Tyrannia for some omelette together, and at night I tell her bed time stories from the books I’ve read until she falls asleep. I may have had some other Petpets over time, but none who could ever replace my Maraquan Buzzer. She was the first painted Petpet I had ever had actually, and I’m glad it was her and not someone else. I had actually named her too, so I took half of my name, and mixed it with ‘Maraquan’ to create her name, Mariaxi. Most people don’t realize it, but I know we’ve had some strange looks from other Neopets going by when they see a Mutant Lenny and a Maraquan Buzzer together, but we don’t care. We never mind when others are staring because as long as we’re happy, it doesn’t matter what type of Neopet or Petpet we are. As long as we friends are together, I know that everything is alright. I hope that every other Neopet gets to have a nice Neopet like Mariaxi.

It's great to have a friend who never argues with you, even if they can't talk anyway. But the best part of having Mariaxi is knowing that I always have a friend who I can trust and who loves me, and who will always back me up. She’s the best Petpet my owner has ever gave to me, and I hope over time we will never be separated no matter what happens, because friends like her are worth more than any Petpet no matter how expensive or better looking they are, you can end up having the best Petpet ever in just one like a Tenna or a Wadjet. So don’t take one of your Petpets for granite, because they can be very trustworthy friends, just like Mariaxi is for me. I mean, just because we don't look very much alike doesn't mean her and I can't be friends, right?

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