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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Taila
Owner: kagome686
Pet Name: Vairion
Breed: Tapira

About Taila:
"Okay Rio, I have 3,861 neopoints left. Where do you want to shop?" I asked my young blue eyrie.

"THERE!" Vairion pointed to the colorful Toy Shop.

We walked happily to the Toy Shop, when all of a sudden, Vairion stopped. He stared up at a poster on the window.

"What's it say?" he asked me impatiently.

I squinted. "Petpet Spotlight, enter today, and have your petpet leaving like a star!"

"Can I have a petpet?" Varion whined.

"N-no," I said, sadly. "We can't afford one. All the good petpets are too expensive, and the cheap ones are all icky. Come on, I'll buy you a nice Toy Train instead."

I held Vairion's paw, and we stepped into the shop. I felt bad for Rio. His siblings all had nice petpets, and we could afford to give Rio one too, until we decided to create a neohome. We ended up spending more than we intended to.

"Thank you, please come again!" the shopkeeper waved to us as we left.

During our walk home, neither Rio or I had said a word. I felt worse every second, but I tried not to show it. Rio kept looking up at me, and I turned my head away, to hide my tears. Finally, we arrived back home. I ran upstairs into my room, leaving Rio with his new Toy Train, and waited for the next day.

Finally, the day arrived. I went into Vairion's room, holding a heavy metal cage.

"Good morning Rio," I said. "I brought you a present. It's a petpet. You wanted one, remember? Your sister, Ayeriss, got a job yesterday, and we were able to buy you a really cute one!"

Slowly, I opened the cage. Rio looked inside. A dark blue flash jumped out and leaped him.


I calmed Rio down, and headed down the stairs. His words broke my heart. 'I bought that Tapira with all of our neopoints, and Rio doesn't want it! Getting him a petpet was a huge mistake I'll never make again,' I thought. STOMP! There was a sudden stomp, followed by a giggle. I looked into the crack of Rio's door. His new Tapira was stomping around, and it was making Rio giggle.

"Wow! Do it again! Again! MORE!" Rio exclaimed.

Rio was happy with his Tapira! I smiled, and continued walking down the steps. I had a brilliant thought.

After I ate a relaxing dinner, I followed Rio into his room. He was probably going to play with the Tapira. Slowly, I stepped into the room, and picked up the petpet. I turned around, and went towards the door. Rio rushed past me, and blocked the entrance.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" he yelled at me.

"What do you mean? I'm sending this petpet back. It's a pest, remember? You said you didn't want it!" I replied, observing the Tapira.

"NO! Don't give away Taila! DON'T!" Rio cried, tears dripping down his face. "She's my petpet..."

My idea had worked. I set the petpet down, and left the room, leaving the surprised little eyrie alone with his new Tapira, Taila.

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