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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Taster_MCMLXXXVI
Owner: sorzella
Pet Name: ChibiKaryn
Breed: Anubis rojo

About Taster_MCMLXXXVI:
*Buuuurp* Ooops I am sorry! That is not how I should be greeting guests, I know. That is because my owner, ChibiKaryn, the next Queen of the Lost Desert, asked me to taste some Orange Ixi drinks again. She is torturing me you know? She knows my stomach cannot tolerate soft drinks. I considered calling the PPL for help quite often, but at the last moment I remember that I do not want to leave my owner alone. I could not rest if she was taster-less. Someone might attempt to poison her!

My name is Taster MCMLXXXVI. My name aptly descripes my job. I have to taste every meal my owner recieves, even if it comes from the closest neofriends of my owner's owner. My father before me was the great Taster MCMLXXXV. My father was a flawless taster. He saved the royal family so many times that we all lost count. Sadly his demise was not caused by poison. He was in the kitchen to get a late night snack and the chef thought he was the delivery for the next day's meal: Anubis Kebabs

Do not be fooled! I may look young, but my family has been in this job for generations. We have perfect skills to detect nearly every poison that could exist in Neopia. Recently, I had a small accident that had me out of commission for a bit. A mazzew had to take over my duties for a bit. Anyone else would still be resting, but I am back after just 221 days *cough*. I am so glad to be back. You would probably find my story boring so I won't bother you...

What is that you say? You want to hear what happened to me? Awww that is so nice of you! No one has ever cared about me...well, no one but my owner, her brother, her sister, their petpets... Pardon me? The red fur? Yes I used to be blue but the new hue is actually part of the story as well.

As I was saying, my owner will be the next Queen of the Lost Desert. A princess of her standing has many needs. Each day she spends at least six hours with the Techo Master at the Mystery Island Training School.As her skills improve, the wise old Techo is asking for increasing amounts of codestones to continue her training. When her daily training sessions are complete, she loves to shop for cosmetics at the Grooming Parlour. She thinks they enhance her beauty, but I say her natural beauty leaves most suitors in awe. I first thought her habit for cosmetic products was bad, but the Clothing Shop! Oh my! She has spent so many neopoints on clothes that we even had to add rooms to our Neohome just to store them!

Naturally, it takes many neopoints to support a princess in the way she should be. The 50,000 neopoints bank account was dwindling quickly, so she decided that action must be taken immediatly. She decided that in order to save neopoints she would start shopping at this great little bargain shop. They often sold things for less than ten percent of their value. This is great but sometimes you don't get what you think you are going to. She usually goes there for furniture, petpets and books, but in true princess fashion she can't leave without buying something. When she isn't quick enough to buy what she wants, she will buy whatever is left. This usually means food.

One day she bought a very suspicious looking cake.I thought it was suspicious becuase of the odd green and purple colors, but it smelled so wonderful that my owner did not want me to take all the usual precautions before I tasted it. She ordered that I get right to the tasting. So, I had to skip the very important step of examining it with the serf lense which would have revealed the true nature of the cake and spared me what was to come. I tied a napkin around my neck, cut a piece of the cake and, with the tip of my tongue, I tasted it.

My reaction to the poison was immediate. I began to feel strange and I felt the cake plate fall from my hand. My throat began to burn and it hurt, I needed water. I was certain I was going to die, but I was not afraid. I knew that I would have saved the precious heir to the Lost Desert. That was the most wonderful fate any Anubis in my position could hope for. Then suddenly, I stopped hurting. I realized that everyone was staring at me in the oddest way. I tried to point at the cake to say something was wrong, but when I saw my hand I stopped. My hand was red!!

Chibikaryn looked horrified when she realized what had almost happened. Someone had probably put the essence of a red paint brush into the cake. They were probably hoping to turn her into a plain red wocky so that we would think that she was not the real princess. Don't look so surprised, stranger things have happened. Why do you think that I am Taster the MCMLXXXVI th? Many Anubis have already died protecting the royal family.

So there you have my story and you know how I aquired this lovely hue. I was upset at first, but now I don't mind it so much. My fur was a small price to pay to save the princess. We have talked her out of buying food from that place for now. I have to go now. I have an appointment in the scroll repository. They think that they might have found a way to reverse the effects on my fur, but I have to go down in the creepy basement to Anubis Toxicology Reports.

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