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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Soliloquy
Owner: anjie
Pet Name: Raven
Breed: Faerie Snowickle

About Soliloquy:
Being a royal pet isn't easy. With the privilege of being painted such an expensive color comes certain expectations. One such expectation is that a Royal pet must have a fitting petpet. Yet, after days of searching, I had come up with nothing.

My owner, Anjie, gazed around the petpet store wearily.

"Raven?" She called, gesturing to a few cages. "What about a Moltenore? That's pretty impressive."

I shook my head wearily, and thudded my tail against the ground to emphasise my point.

"Moltenores are coated with flame. What if it got too close, and set my gown alight?"

Anjie rolled her eyes in a manner that I thought was most uncalled for, and moved onto the next small cage.

"Well, how about this one, Raven?"

She indicated a selection of painted Feloreenas, all very sweet, but I shook my head.

"They're too cute and sweet. Plus I don't want a petpet that has longer eyelashes than I do!"

There was some bitter mumbling from my owner, and I managed to catch the words 'Ungrateful' and 'Spoilt'. Ignoring this unjust tirade, I peered into yet another cage, and another, dismissing various small petpets. I was about to lean over and debate the benefits of owning a Gallion, when the petpet shopkeeper gave a cry.

Startled, I glanced up, just as a loud crash sounded. Something had dislodged a vase from the counter of the store, then moved quickly to steal the cage keys, dangling them several feet in the air. The wicked culprit seemed to be a petpet, though not one I recognised. It's small body shimmered in pale tones of azure blue, a thick, striped pattern leading all the way from delicate head to slender tail. It almost looked like the pictures of rare Snowickles I had glimpsed in various publications, but this mischievous creature had one feature that was different. Between tiny shoulder blades, flittering in a frenzy were a pair of glistening lavender wings. A set of beady, ebony eyes darted around the room, and without warning, the tiny creature swooped.

"Agh!" Cried the shopkeeper, ducking down as the small petpet tried to nip at his nose.

I took shelter under the counter with Anjie, who cried, "What IS that thing?"

The shopkeeper, red with rage, grabbed a net, trying to capture the gleeful trouble maker.

"It's a Faerie Snowickle! And it's been nothing but a pest! Straight back to Terror Mountain with you!"

The Snowickle gave a sulky noise, gazed straight at the shopkeeper, and stuck out it's tongue. Unable to help myself, I burst into giggles.

"It's not funny!" Screeched the enraged shopkeeper.

Warily, I held out my arms. The tiny Faerie Snowickle drifted down, studied me for a second, and settled into my grasp, making an odd purring noise.

"Are you mad?" Asked Anjie.

I shook my head.

"If I don't take him in, he'll be sent back to Terror Mountain! It's too cold for such a little creature."

My owner sighed, and shook her head, handing the rather smug shopkeeper a large sum in exchange for the small petpet. Delighted, with Anjie complaining the entire time, I marched from the store, my new friend cuddled up against me.

"I'm going to name you Soliloquy!" I announced. "It's very regal!"

Anjie snorted in a most unflattering way.

"That thing is going to wreck the Neohome, Raven!"

I shook my head in my most regal fashion.

"Of course he won't! He was just misbehaving because he didn't like the store, right, Soliloquy?"

The Snowickle grinned wickedly, and knocked my crown to the ground, as my owner burst out laughing.

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