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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Seamus
Owner: x_helix
Pet Name: Amyrna
Breed: Purple Warf

About Seamus:
It was cold and rainy outside, the kind of rain that drizzled all day, lightly, but never let up. The sky was gray and everyone with sense was inside, by the fire with a cup of chocolate.

Except for one ratty looking Warf, who would have greatly liked a warm, dry place to lie down and a mug of something hot to drink. The closest thing she could find to any of those things was an upturned trash can, but something deeper than the need to stay out of the rain was spurring on. The little stray pattered down the soaking streets of Brightvale, sniffing around gardens and mailboxes, trotting from one front door to the next, searching for something she couldnt quite put her paw on. Her instincts told her she would know what it was when she found it.

And finally, she did find it. Taking refuge beneath a wooden awning, she paused on top of a doormat patterned like a Meridell flag, and gave her rotund body a shake. It was then she noticed a cardboard box tucked up next to the door; drawing closer to investigate, she discovered it was filled with fabric scraps of all colors. Denim, cotton, silkit looked like someone had been sewing. The Warf looked around suspiciously, then clambered into the box and nosed the leftover cloth from side to side, arranging it to her liking. Then, relieved, she turned around three times and snuggled down, but did not sleep. There was much work to be done.

The sun rose the next morning and although it was still cloudy outside, the rain had stopped. Inside the house, a wooden Beekadoodle clock when off noisily, announcing the arrival of ten oclock. A little gray Xweetox woke up, ears perked, and bounded from her bed. She scampered through the kitchen, snatching a pair of scissors in her mouth by the handle as she went.

Mom! Mommy! She shouted through clenched teeth, knocking on her owners door and nearly dislodging the Fungus Balls poster that hung on it.

Unghwhat?! Go away, Amyrna! Came a muffled, irritated voice from inside.

Wheres that box of scraps! I want to put some Angelpuss patches on my blue jacket!

Out front. Thought it was garbage.

Okay, thanks, Mom! Amyrna chirped, still clenching the scissors in her teeth. She rushed to the front door and opened it, grabbing up the box of fabric and peering into it.

The scissors dropped from her mouth and clattered loudly on the tile floor.

Inside the box, one tiny purple Warf puppy lay curled up in a string of red satin. Slowly and carefully, Amyrna scooped the newborn into her paws and cradled him against her chest, wide-eyed with awe. The Warf opened his tiny, toothless mouth and whined, rolling over on his back and presenting his grumbling tummy. Amyrna carried him into the kitchen and, all thoughts of sewing forgotten, wrapped him in a clean dishtowel and put him on the table, then began digging through the refridgerator.

What is this?! Shouted a voice behind her. The xweetok jumped and turned around and surprise, having not heard her owner enter. Adaline stood by the table in her oversized Tonu pajamas, hair a mess and dark circles under her eyes. She was staring blearily at the puppy, who was fruitlessly gnawing on the corner of the dishtowel with his smooth pink gums.

Its a Amyrna crossed the room to the table and picked up the baby, holding him up for Adaline to inspect. Hes just a baby, Mom, I found him outside the door, he was all alone, his mommy must have left him, he needs somewhere to live or hell have to go to the pound, please, Mom, look at him, hes so cute, I think we should

Fine! Fine. Jeez. You can keep him. But hes your responsibility, okay? Adaline paused and looked into the animals beady black eyes. She couldnt help but smile slightly, but tried not to make it too evident. What are you going to name him?

Seamus. Amyrna said after some thought, thinking back to one of Adalines favorite poets. When Amyrna was just a baby, she remembered her owner reading him to her every night before bed.

All right. But if Seamus messes on the carpet, I am not cleaning it up. You are going to make sure he has food, and water, and someplace safe to sleep, and toys to play with andyou promise to love him?

I do. Amyrna replied, kissing Seamus on the forehead. And Amyrna never broke her promises.

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