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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Shimmer
Owner: chetter6
Pet Name: hiaijin
Breed: Kelpflake

About Shimmer:
I didn't have many neopoints left, and sadly, what I wanted to buy might cost more then that... I wandered the streets of the market, looking into shop windows for one that stocked what I wanted. Finally, I came to one. It had a bright purple poster in its window saying 'Petpet Sale! Come and get yours today'

I sighed, it sounded promising. Sadly, it wasn't. All the petpets where over priced and the ones that weren't were all gross and slimy, nothing my little Hiaijin deserved.

Aj had recently been zap by Boochi. Not a fun experience for him. He used to be the though guy in the family. But now...he mostly spent all day moping in corners, barely talking to anyone. So I had decided to get him a petpet. It wouldn't be a nice one, but I would try.

As I left the shop, I looked up and down the busy streets. I was tired, worn out and a bit disappointed. I turned left and found a bench, full of neopets. So the best seat I managed to get was the curb by a large green, icky smelling puddle.

I picked up a stick and swirled it around in the water. Then I heard foot steps, and two shoed feet stop in front of me. Slowly I looked up, and there stood a nicely dressed Cybunny. He looked at me, and then said "Do you want a petpet?" I must have looked a bit shocked, and probably rude, because he wrinkled his nose and continued on. "My mom bought this for my younger sister, but she doesn't like it, and threatened to flush in down the toilet." I blinked. "Uh...Uh...ssure?" I said, still a bit surprised. "Ok here" The boy said, and plopped a big fish bowl down on my lap, and ran off.

At first when I looked at the swirling water, there seemed to be nothing in it. Then, ad the water slowed down, I saw a little bluish-green snowflake looking green floating around, blowing bubbles. I giggled, it was a kelpflake! I hadn't really wanted to get him a water petpet, but I guessed this would do.

I made my way home, slowly and carefully, not wanting to hurt the little guy. And when I did get home, I was greeted nicely by Chage, my lupe, and the oldest. She smiled at me and pointed to the living room, where Aj sat, looking out the window. I came up to him and said "Hey...guess what I got you?" He Looked around and sighed "Another plushie?" I smiled again. "No silly, I got you a petpet." and with that I put the bowl down on the coffee table. He looked at me, then down to the little petpet. "Where is it?" He asked, and then his eyes got bigger as he saw the little guy. "Gosh…thanks mom." He said, and picked up the bowl, and took it to his room. Chage came in behind me and said "He doesn't like it?" I shook my head. "No...back to the drawing board."

That night, I didn't Aj at all. He stayed in his room, which wasn't abnormal of him. I walked up and knocked at his door, then peered in. There he was, sitting on the floor, dangling a piece of string with a petpet treat tied to one end, trying to get his Kelpflake to do a trick. I came in and sat beside him. "What are you going to call it?" I asked. He looked at me and said. "It's a she mom, and her name is Shimmer." I smiled, then got up, and headed towards the door. "Good luck" I said, and closed the door behind me....

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