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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Roimata
Owner: mimed
Pet Name: Kaelou
Breed: Red Hippalop

About Roimata:
Do you see that red Hippalop with the bland expression and menacing gaze? That’s my petpet, Roimatta. The padding pool my owner keeps in our Neohome is his favorite place to be, but woe to the Neopian who treads too close! Eh, I’ll explain.

You see, my owner and I picked up Roimatta the red Hippalop while vacationing at Kiko Lake. We were on one of those lovely glass bottom boat tours, and suddenly a hideously adorable red mass ran right into the glass! The force of the impact rocked the entire boat and hurled a Neopet overboard (thankfully he could swim, however).

When we all regained our composure, we gazed down through the glass at the red creature. My owner immediately recognized the species. "It's a Hippalop!" she shouted, shrinking away from the petpet, which was now glaring at us through the glass.

"How strange," added another tourist. "I didn't know Hippalop's were native to Kiko Lake. This is a very unusual find!" Instantly, there was a wave of camera flashes as the group forgot their fears and started taking snapshots of the rare and destructive petpet.

The Hippalop was NOT amused by this; in fact, he looked downright furious at being made into the main attraction. Gritting his teeth, he drifted back down to the depths of the lake, growing less visible to the tourists until finally he was out of sight completely.

Everyone sighed and tucked away their cameras, which signaled to the captain of the glass bottom boat that he should get the tour moving again. He started up the motor and steered towards the center of the lake, pointing out various clusters of underwater vegetation and the occasional Goldy that floated along.

Suddenly, the boat was struck again (this time from the side), and the impact turned the boat completely over! Everyone screamed as they fell into the lake. Nearby, the Kiko lifeguards on duty rushed to the scene, tossing life preservers to the flailing Neopets and pulling them to shore. Only after everyone was safe and sound did we turn to the lake and blame that sour-faced Hippalop for ruining the tour. No one doubted that it had struck the boat again out of revenge.

The commotion quickly subsided as the tourists gathered their soaked things and left the dock area, bent on demanding refunds. My owner and I lingered around the docks, gazing out at the capsized boat that still drifted in the lake. What would drive a petpet to be so destructive? Anger, perhaps? I glanced up at my owner and saw that her expression was twisted in thought, like mine; I didn't doubt that she was asking herself the same questions.

Several feet away in the water, some bubbles rose to the surface, followed by the comical face of the red Hippalop. I think it was testing us to see what our reaction would be. Maybe he wondered if we would run away shrieking or start taking pictures of him. We did neither; instead, we just watched him quietly.

The "stand-off," if you could call it that, lasted for about five minutes before finally the Hippalop yawned. It was possibly the most awkward yawn I have ever seen; his whole lower jaw seemed to detach as it flopped down, revealing a set of giant, dull pearly-white teeth. I don't know what came over me, but suddenly I started to laugh uncontrollably. The mood had been so somber up to that point that my owner and the petpet just gawked at me, wondering what had suddenly possessed me.

The proverbial ice had been broken. After a few moments, my owner started to chuckle as well, not wanting to feel left out. Then the petpet joined in, which only made us laugh more since his voice was very, very deep, as if he were plucking the strings of a cello straight from the Neopian Music Shop.

Well, you can imagine the rest. My owner and I couldn't bear to leave such a cute, funny petpet behind, so we brought him home with us from Kiko Lake. Since he loved water, my owner set up a padding pool in my room so that the Hippalop (which we affectionately dubbed "Roimatta") could swim around whenever he pleased.

It's no surprise that Roimatta still retained his, err, bad temper. My brothers and sisters can't go near him without him snapping at them. He still glares at guests as well, which makes for interesting dinner conversation. Still, I adore my petpet because he's so unique.

I mean, how fitting would it be to have some bubbly little Flosset? I'm a Pirate Neopet, for goodness sake; Roimatta is just as surly and salty as I am. We were practically made for each other.

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