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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sorayori
Owner: _jakk
Pet Name: Gahgazet
Breed: Mibblie

About Sorayori:
In the Japanese language, “Sorayori” means “From the Sky”, and that is the name of my petpet, Sorayori the Mibblie. Sorayori is very special, like a blessing to me from the vast sky.

Before, Jakk would ask once in awhile if there’s any petpet in mind that I wanted for myself, and I’d reply “Nah petpets are a pain in the neck, I wouldn’t want one that will eternally bothers me to no end, really.” The truth is I wanted a Cydrake, but I understand the fact that we aren’t “well-to-do” to afford such a rare and expensive petpet. When Jakk and I were to be shopping in Neopia Central, I often witness how a blissful thing it is for owners to get matching and ideal petpets for their loved pets, it made me really began yearning for a petpet that I can call my own.

One night, Jakk and I watched TV after dinner, I figured that I can’t take it anymore! I will just confess that I really wanted a Cydrake or at least a petpet. I got off Jakk’s lap and stood there, looking stupid.

Jakk: ?

Me: Lately I’ve been thinking a lot, but I don’t know how should I tell you…

Jakk: You broke something didn’t you!?

Me: NO it’s not that, it’s just that I really…

Jakk: You want that “Special Limited Release Tomamu Station Steam Engine Train Set R-356” we saw in the toy store the other day for your coming birthday…?

Me: Yesh! NO, I mean no, that’s not what I want to tell you, it’s…

Jakk: You don’t want that to be your Birthday Present?

Me: NO, I do, NOooooOuuuu I just want to tell you that I wanted this Cy…

Right before I could complete the sentence, an unexpected vital LIVE News Report interrupted showing that a huge meteor just crashed onto Kreludor and it’s causing a great trepidation around Neopia. Jakk said we should go check it out as “Concerned Neopians”, so we packed and took off to Kreludor.

As we arrived at Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ, thousands of people and pets had come to observe this bizarre phenomenon. The meteor is huge, around the size of the Giant Omelet at Tyrannian Plateau. To our surprise, everyone’s actually poking the meteor with a stick… things just get weirder and weirder… Apparently no one knows how it smash onto the surface of Kreludor, but just so happen that some “brave” Neopians discovered numerous items from poking the meteor… Jakk asked that I give it a try. So, I did. I push my way through and finally came to a reachable distant with the fallen meteor. I stretched out and poked it with the stick, out of the blue it caused a crack and a rock or some sort fell out from it. I picked it up and showed it to Jakk, she said it’s probably just a shard from the meteor, but we should bring it back as souvenir anyway. It’s been a long day, as we stepped into the house, I placed the rock on the table and we went straight to bed.

The next morning, I woke up to witness the most outrageous thing before my eyes. The meteor shard, yes, the one from yesterday, just HOVERED OVER MY HEAD!!?? I totally freaked out and immediately went yelling “JAKK!!! JAKK!!! THE ROCK IS FLYING!!!!” Usually she’d still be asleep next to me at this early morning, but she’s not in the room apparently… then my mind gone silly thinking that this unidentified mysterious object just DEVOURED Jakk or something. Just when I’m going to smash the hovering rock with my Ice Conker, the door opened, it was Jakk! (SHE’S ALIVE!) Seeing what I am about to do, she quickly grab the rock and held it in her hands, then slowly, the rock wriggled and made some purring sound. After taking a closer look, I finally realize that it has a head and four legs… Jakk explained that it was in the Neopian Times that 4 new species of petpets are discovered from inside of the fallen meteor, the tortoise like petpet we found is called Mibblie. She also added that only a few of their kind are found and there’s a great demand among collectors.

At this point, I know Jakk probably want to put the petpet up for sale, but I think it’s really something, that how I am longing for a petpet and it just came to me falling from the sky, practically. I believe it is not coincidence that we’ve met and I don’t want to let him go. I hug the little Mibblie tight, and requested, “Can we keep him?”, Jakk looked a little surprised but knowing I’ve not yet own a petpet myself, she smiled, held me in her arms and said, “it is fine as long as you are happy, you could keep the Mibblie”.

And that, is how Sorayori became part of our family. Now whenever a friend asked, I would proudly show-off my “out of this world” petpet that I loved so much :D

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