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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Gingerbread
Owner: velvette
Pet Name: Ruemor
Breed: Halloween Ona

About Gingerbread:
I'm Ruemor the Grey Ixi, and I'm here to tell you about my petpet, Gingerbread. She can't talk to you directly, you see, as she's not very good at English. Mostly she just makes noises like "grargar grawww," which we figure means she's hungry, and "hsssegah!" though we're not quite sure what that one means... Oh! She does know one word: "brains." o_O

Anyway, Gingerbread used to be a regular blue Ona. I picked her out of all the other petpets because she looked like a cute little teddy bear, and she made me happy. *sigh* Back then, Gingerbread was much more... civilized. I mean, she didn't dig up the yard or drag rotten things into the neohome. Mostly she just sang songs and picked flowers, typical Ona stuff, right?

Then the Tale of Woe plot came along. During the digging part, I took Gingerbread along with me to the graveyards. Maybe not the best place for a little petpet, but I liked to have her with me all the time, for security. Us Grey pets are very sensitive, you know! Well, it wasn't very long before Gingerbread got... bitten. We thought it was just a Spyder that got her, but Gingerbread was never quite the same after that day. First she got very sick. We thought it was just a touch of NeoFlu from being outside in the cold all night, but it got worse from there. Her fur darkened and lost its fluffiness, her gaze turned vacant, and she started to walk with a stagger. And there was the smell, too. No matter how many baths we give her, it won't go away. It's like damp earth and... something else. The only other time I've ever smelled it was when we were digging in the Haunted Woods.

After she got bitten, Gingerbread's personality completely changed. Instead of the sweet little songs she used to sing, she makes these awful growling noises. At first I thought she was still sick, but she didn't seem to be in pain, because straight after making the noises she would turn to me and give me this dopey grin that I have come to love. She's not as intelligent as she used to be. I have to keep a very close eye on her so she doesn't hurt herself... or anyone else. But she's a lot of fun! It's just that not everyone understands her sense of humor. Like that Kadoatie she was chasing through Neopia Central the other day, I'm sure Gingerbread was just trying to make friends!

I have adapted to Gingerbread's... change. She is still my teddy bear, just a little scruffier, that's all. We still go fishing in Maraqua (she prefers to catch the fish with her teeth instead of a pole). We still pick flowers (er, I pick flowers anyway, she digs up bones). I'm even trying to teach her more words! True, she hasn't made much progress beyond "brains", but I can tell that she's trying.

She's not as cute as she was, and she likes her Blumaroo Steak rare, but deep down I know she's still the same old Gingerbread. *gulp* VERY deep down.

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