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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mooki
Owner: mimed
Pet Name: Mhambi
Breed: White Faellie

About Mooki:
It was a bright and sunny autumn afternoon, and my owner and I were leaving the National Neopian Bank after collecting our daily interest. She had just offered to buy me a Wild Chocomato Smoothie - my favorite - when a white flash suddenly whisked by and snatched my owner's bag of Neopoints right from her fingertips! We both stood in awe for a moment, not knowing what to make of this, and watched a small white Faellie leaping clear over some nearby hedges.

"Thief!" shouted my owner in dismay; she ran back into the bank to call Judge Hog or one of the other Defenders of Neopia for help. I, on the other hand, opted for a more direct approach, so I dashed around the hedges in pursuit the Petpet.

The chase was on! I had a hard time keeping sight of the Faellie thief as it bounded easily over fences and other obstacles with a simple flutter of its wings. From time to time it would look back at me and grin deviously. I was beginning to think this was a silly game for it, and I wondered if I should give up and leave the chasing to the Defenders of Neopia.

Just when my hopes were diminishing, I saw the Faellie stumble slightly. Then it stumbled again and, unable to regain its balance, fell flat on its face. Immediately after hitting the dirt, it started to scratch all over itself in a frenzy! I approached the Petpet and offered to help, but it only growled at me and continued to tear at its fur.

I stood back and shook my head - unable to help and totally clueless. Then I noticed the secret assailant: a tiny Cootie scurrying about on the poor Faellie's fur! Ignoring the Petpet's growls, I held it down and plucked that menacing little pest from its fur and tossed it in the grass. The Faellie instantly stopped scratching and instead gazed up with a confused yet thankful expression.

I decided this was my chance to reason with the little creature. "Why did you take my owner's Neopoints?" I asked sweetly.

Of course Petpets cannot talk, but the reaction I got was worth a thousand words. The Faellie reached for the bag of Neopoints behind it and handed it over to me with a guilty look and downcast eyes. It tried to express its regret as best it could by whimpering softly.

I'm not sure what came over me, but my eyes swelled with tears. This poor Petpet, probably driven to crime because it was without a loving Neopet to care for it, was willing to give back what it had taken to express its gratitude. I reached down and scooped up the Faellie, stroking it lightly on the head.

A moment later my owner came running up to us completely out of breath. "I called the Defenders of Neopia," she panted, "so they'll be here any moment--hey, that's the thief! You shouldn't pick up a wild Petpet; it could bite you."

"SHE won't bite," I replied with a smile. "I'd like for her to be my Petpet. I think I'll call her... Mooki."

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