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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: HaloBeard
Owner: timeflyslikesnaps
Pet Name: Pyrianz
Breed: Pirate Angelpuss

About HaloBeard:
"STATIONS!" The alarm was sounded. Everyone rushed to the cannons and sails, ready for a tough fight. Suddenly the enemy ship fired, knocking a perfectly round hole in the ship with the cannons loaded, the ship fired. Halobeard sat lonely on the crows nest, watching the battle from above.
"LESS SAIL, MORE CURRENT!" The ship jolted in a new direction, trying to dodge the enemy's fire. HaloBeard lost balance and fell from the crows nest. Using the sail to break his fall he made his way down. When he got down he was confused at the sight of people running around. They were to stay at their stations!
"WERE OUT OF CANNON FODDER RAISE SAILS!" HaloBeard perked up. This was his chance to prove a real pirate, not some spyder catching device. He hauled a bag of gunpowder and loaded a cannon, lighting a long fuse. He put himself into the cannon and...
KABOOM! Halobeard sailed through the air just making it onto the enemy's deck. Halobeard, being stealthy and small, threw the gunpowder off the ship, giving the other ship time to escape. He then sailed to Neopia, ready to find a good owner.
Many a day he sat on the enemy's ship, hungry. The captain, a krawk with a hard fist, planned to sail to mystery island so they had something to eat. HaloBeard tossed his halo from one hand to the other. hiding in the ships hull was boring but hiding in a ship you sabotaged while having absolutely no food or defences was a real melancholic pattern.
several time he heard shouts from above. Rolling his one eye he tried to fly, but the roof was too low. Then he heard the words he had been waiting for.
"Land Ho!" Smiling he sat up and walked out of the hull. It was NOT mystery island! It was lutari island! Disapointed HaloBeard looked around. All the men were look hungry to notice him, and he walked up to the side of the ship.he wanted to fly but he was too hungry. He sniffed the air in search of food. None. It was irritating to see land ahead while you are starving and can't leave the ship as its going two miles per hours.
HaloBeard sat down with a stubborn frown on his face. He'd have to spend another five hours with these scurvy dogs.
Then at last a pirate noticed him. He was a shoyru sitting next to a bored looking jetsam.
"Hey Bill did ye take that there angelpuss on board? Ye wouldn' wan' the cap'n to heard abou' tha'." The jetsam said nothing, staring at HaloBeard. HaloBeard's eye twitched. None the less he sat there. Then he put his little angelface on. Even pirate angelpi had magic that could enchant anyone, and it worked.
Tears welled in Bill's eyes. He broke out in gigantic sobs, pulling all the attention to him. "YOU POOR LITTLE GUY YOU! AWWW!" he hugged HaloBeard and threw him up in the air. "FLY! FLY TO YOUR DREAMS YOU HEAR! FLY AWAY TO A WONDERFUL PLACE!" HaloBeard smirked. NOW he had done what he had always wanted to do.
He could hear Bill's sobs until he reached the beach. Exhausted, he lay down and fell asleep.
When he woke up he found himself in a cage! But that fact didn't haunt him, as there was a nice (very nice) food bowl next to him. After fighting his hunger he looked around. All the other petpets were just plain ol' petpets. He sat on the top of a small cage pyramid. From that day on his pirate days were over... for now...

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