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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Rapsodias
Owner: sipaultwohill
Pet Name: PaulTwohiII
Breed: Blorpulous

About Rapsodias:

My name is Rapsodias; it means Rhapsody in a language my extremely forgetful daddy well… Forgot! I am no ordinary Blorpulous; I am a Blorpulous with dreams! Dreams which some are even too complicated to comprehend. I enjoy Jazz music and fine arts too. You see, I am a very educated little petpet who believes that a right mindset will let you achieve anything! And anything you want indeed. Why don’t I explain my story to prove my theory?

“Bzzzzzzz! Sqeeeeeek! Meeeeow!”

There were noises everywhere and it was all making me dizzy and scared. I was very small at that time and was missing my Blorpulous mommy. Everyday, I peered though the cages of the petpet shop, watching pets and their owners walk in and out in and out. Most of my childhood days where spent waiting. Just waiting. Sometimes if I was lucky, some pets would come and look at me then rush away, attracted to the call of some even more interesting petpet. I wondered why I was even waiting in this cage; no one seemed to even notice me! Why was I in this cage instead of being in a big field playing?

The answer came to me in the most heartbreaking way.

On a hot, humid day. I overheard the shopkeeper talking to her manager.

“Why isn’t that Blorpulous sold?” He asked in a demanding tone.

“Well sir, you see, for starters Blorpulouses can’t be painted, and they look how do we say… Emo? It’s just not the trend! And plus… I can’t even find an entry about them in the Neopedia.” She said matter-of-factly.

My heart was shattered! So that was why they all ran away! It was just because I wasn’t “high status” enough! I thought about this matter, for a long, long time. I wasn’t going to let this setback bring me down! I remembered hearing about the champion mindset from a petpet friend who was sold long ago and how it was all about being headstrong, confident and having a never-say-die attitude. I was set on having this attitude, I wouldn’t let my “low status” bring me down! I would be of the highest status inside!

I began reading scraps of magazines and books if pages were stuck through the bars of my cages. I remember vividly telling myself with every page I read that this would all be worth it in the end, I was equipped with something no battledome equipment could match, a champion’s mindset!

And one day, a day that I felt would be special since I woke up, as I was browsing through more scraps of lettering, I heard a voice calling “Dad! Dad! That one! May I please have that one?” And it was calling in my direction!

I spun around and faced my future owner, PaultwohiII and his dad, Sipaultwohill. Both were dressed in black and looked like the greatest father-son pair I had ever seen. PaultwohiII continued to stare at me with longing eyes as Sipaultwohill haggled with the shopkeeper. Believe or not, I was owned! Finally had an owner! All this had happened in a matter of 5 minutes and was all done in a flash. I was put into the pet carrier and woke up in a beautiful neohome. I smiled.

I was home.

That, my friend is my story. That, is also proof, that a champion’s mindset will get you anywhere. If I gave up believing and trying, I would be a lousy petpet! And all the more no one would want me. Now that you have heard my story, maybe, you may consider accepting the champion’s mindset in your life. No harm trying ;)


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