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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: lynncheng
Owner: humphreyxelephant
Pet Name: iamhumphrey
Breed: Ditsy

About lynncheng:
Look up, and you can see possibly the most ridiculous pet entered into a prestigious competition. But there's always a story behind each and every petpet, and there's no difference, even with a newbie-pack-petpet (what a mouthful!)

The ditsy is probably one of the more... ridiculous petpets of Neopia. Possibly TNT was sitting around one fine day, and decided that newbies should be given some privileges too.

"How about petpets?"

"Like, hello... petpets are not, you know... n00by. There'll be an uproar, riots in the Neopian Central!"

"Then origami ones?"

They had struck gold. Enlisting the help of particular top-secret people, they toiled to make the newbies feel at home, working hard to ensure just a little bit happier life for the little ones. When they had designed a new petpet, they vetted it, and finally lovingly cut and folded them. Then said top-secret people would breathe life into their creations. Their eyes blink, and they deliver their very first smile.

They worked around obstacles, to create a line of petpets that newbies would gladly receive with newbie packs, that the younger pets would be able to play with, till the owners could gather enough money for a better petpet.


Hello, I am lynncheng.

A few weeks ago, my owner's owner was standing in Neopia Central with her pet elephante. Lost and befuddled, they decided to get something prized among newbies - the revered Newbie Pack. Along with that pack was me. I can still remember the way they stared down at me, mouths agape, and wondering why the heck there was some bits of paper with eyes.

"What is that...?" said the elephante.
"I think it's a petpet. Well, it says here that she is a Ditsy," her owner said, rather perturbed, "would you like her...?"

The elephante gave her a withering look, but nonetheless, turned to me and dug me out of the heap of newbie-pack-items.

"I am going to call you lynncheng," he said, and went on a tirade of self-explanation. I am not a really bright petpet... and all I remember is that he really wanted a Bag of Peanuts but his owner refused to buy him one.

I am not going to lie and say I was treated particularly well in the following days; after all, Humphrey tried to fold me into a paper aeroplane and we frequently camped out beside that vain Uni's shop at the Bazaar, due to a lack of a Neohome.

We later had an addition of three other family members, and bit by bit our owner managed to earn quite a bit of money. Humphrey was painted rainbow and got happier, and he explained what had happened, bit by bit, to me. I am still unable to really comprehend, but I understand a bit, which is that our family was not really rich, so he wasn't able to get a petpet that day, and was told by our owner (of whose name I still cannot remember, forgive my lack of brainpower) to satisfy himself with a Ditsy till she can find the money to build up a real home and get his a proper petpet.

Well perhaps a real home does not need money, and material wealth. Humphrey has decided to keep me over the choice of a Quetzal (Or was it that the red Xweetok bit his trunk over it and forced him to give her...?) He always tells me I am rather sweet, and has even started to happily drag me out into public.

Some time ago I was out with him to collect avatars, and I noticed a pond with all the colours of the rainbow, sparkling under the sunlight. It was so beautiful, and I asked Humphrey what it was. He told me it was the Rainbow Pool, where he got painted rainbow. I asked him if I could become rainbow too, so I could be like him and less plain. I always knew he was a little embarrassed to have a plain pet like me. However, when we asked, the kind people there told us that Ditsies couldn't be painted, because they said I was "nooby", or whatever that means. Humphrey got pretty mad and promised to campaign for colours for newbie-pack-petpets, but I don't think they would agree...

There are quite some disadvantages to owning a pet like me. Everytime it started to rain my owners ran around and locked up the rooms and warned me to stay indoors. They also treat me rather delicately, making sure I won't get dirty, because erasing the dirt off me is rather hard. And of course, many people have laughed at Humphrey.

But he always ignores them and loves me all the same.


The Neopian leaves fall from overhead. Humphrey the elephant is happy with his pet and lynncheng the Ditsy is not going into the SDB for quite some time, and I think he knows.

But I am not really sure, you know, given his tottering-about personality and all. Still...

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