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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: VioletDusk
Owner: thirdlygoldencat
Pet Name: DarkedTwilight
Breed: Black Snuffly

About VioletDusk:
He remembered the first day his owner’s owner handed him to the bright, angel-winged Zafara. Such a beautiful creature. He could not help but to admire it and to say...

"Chirp! Chirp-chirp!" VioletDusk told DarkedTwilight, his dark violet eyes sparkling. He was surprised when the Zafara nearly dropped him.

"Miss!? Did you just call me 'Miss?' You think I'm a girl!?" DarkedTwilight replied. "Get your facts straight, I'm a boy."

All of the snuffly's dreams and hopes were crushed. "Chirp...chirp." They were near the water’s edge a few miles from their home. His owner’s owner had given him a tour of their house and showed him where he would stay inside DarkedTwilight’s room. All that he knew at the time was that DarkedTwilight was a Zafara. When he saw that he was as white as snow, he had incorrectly assumed that DT was a girl.

"Well now you know the truth, little guy," DarkedTwilight explained while patting the snuffly carefully on the head. "DarkedTwilight. Either call me Darky or DT, not 'Mister' or anything."

VioletDusk started shaking in DarkedTwilight's paws. He had just started out in his new home and he had already upset his owner.

"Now, what's the matter?" DarkedTwilight asked his petpet in a concerned voice. "I'm not the most intimidating Zafara around..."

"DT!! HELP! TWICE JUMPED INTO THE RIVER AGAIN!" A familiar Neopet called from the other side of the field.

"Rats. Looks like Thirdly's teaching his Catamara tricks again," DarkedTwilight sighed. He put his snuffly down and told him, "Wait here. I won't be long."

The snuffly could only look on as the Christmas Zafara dashed towards an Aisha at breakneck speed. VioletDusk was in awe. He wobbled, as fast as his little feet could go, towards the direction of his owner. He had cleared about three feet across the field before he felt a breeze envelop him. VioletDusk looked down and he realized that he wasn't walking on grass anymore. He was in the sky. Chirping loudly, he clutched on to the same white paws that held him before. "Chirp?"

"Ha ha ha," DarkedTwilight smiled down at his snuffle. "That's right, it's me. Told you I wouldn't be long, little buddy."

For the second time that day, VioletDusk gave him his goofy little grin...a grin that reached the edge of his eyes.

"Those are some dark violet eyes you have there," DarkedTwilight murmured. "I think I'll call you VioletDusk from now on.”


VioletDusk was his name. He was as shy and as mischievous as any other snuffly. He was timid at times, brave at times, and walked a little slow. But, he had the respect of a Zafara with a halo. He had the respect of a kind and helpful spirit. He had the respect of his owner.

As the days went by, VioletDusk came to know his family. He got along with the bright yellow Aisha, Thirdly. He learned a few tricks with Twice, the jumping, yellow Catamara. He enjoyed sitting around with the others, listening to stories told by his owner’s owner, sitting in a garden near their home. However, what he loved the most, was spending time with DarkedTwilight, and especially the times that they took to the sky.

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