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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cerbira
Owner: dragons9rhapsody
Pet Name: Kaleerane
Breed: Fire Alabriss

About Cerbira:
"Dragon, Cerbira's a WRETCH!" Xwiedy cried. "Every time I am reading the paper or the magazine, Kaleerane's vile Alabriss prances all sneaky-like right over and sets it on fire!" Xwiedy cried, pools of tears gathering at her feet.

Cerbira didn't care. She seldom did. She knew in her heart that it was her job to guard over Kaleerane, a Halloween Uni that looked more frightening than she actually was. If Kaleerane was found out, it was likely that she would be picked on. Cerbira might have been a mischievous petpet, but she was a smart one, and no one was arguing with her on that.

No one argued with Cerbira anyhow. Her and Kaleerane were far too scary to contend with. If anyone complained of either of them, it was to Dragon, not them. Fire is a very persuasive element.

Dragon, Kaleerane's owner, was perturbed but not alarmed. She watched Cerbira often, for the wily little Fire Alabriss was a serious investment on her part, and if she was a true troublemaker, Cerbira would be sold and replaced. After careful observation, though, Dragon knew that Cerbira cared deeply about her Neopet, and everyone knows that this is what is most important. So, while Cerbira might have been a pest, she was a kindhearted pest, if a little mean spirited at times.

Cerbira and Dragon exchanged a look. One knowing glance was all it took to put Kaleerane's owner at ease. Cerbira yawned, then glared at Decosien, who, as always, was watching, learning, and remaining calm. He, too, relaxed. Cerbira avoided Sapphire and glared often, though. As a petpet, she did not understand why Sapphy smelled and looked different occasionally, but knew that it was wrong somehow. She did not know what Lab Ray meant, but if Kaleerane was in any kind of danger, Cerbira was not about to be fooled. And Xwiedy was soft hearted, not dangerous. She was just fun to pick on. Cerbira snorted, what was equal to a laugh for her, and tendrils of smoke rose from her nostrils. Xwiedy whined and stomped away with Echik the Sauropod at her heels. Decosien's petpet was frightening in his own respect, simply because he was so mysteriously silent and serene, and Myyrazh the Snowbunny often played with Cerbira in secret, chasing butterflies.

Cerbira pranced over to Kaleerane, then bunched up her leg muscles and leaped upon the Uni's back. She was rather parrot-like in this respect; when she wasn't reminding the other pets and petpets who was to be feared, she was perched upon Kaleerane's back, giving the "get back!" stare to everyone and everything that they came into contact with.

A little grudgingly, perhaps, everyone was content again. Somewhere in the Neohome, a copy of the Neopian Times smoldered into the carpet and fizzled out and a Fire Alabriss with an attitude was laughing inside, remembering the smell of the flames and planning her next move.

THE END--for now.

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