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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ble
Owner: little_angel_rox182
Pet Name: Bertai
Breed: Gumblesh

About Ble:
"Bertai! Ble is eating my curtains," said August.
"Oh gosh no, get away, get away you scavenger. GET OUT OF THE BIN, BLE." The bin continues be eaten alive by Ble.

Finally, a green coloured creature with black stripes slowly removes his head from the bin. Just as he does this, a baby gnorbu enters the room. He looks very anxious and carefully walks over to the bin, as to try and not anger August anymore than he already was. He whispers to Ble, "You know you're not allowed to come in here with out permission. If you keep it out Jessa said you'd have to go. Do you want us to both get in trouble or something?" Ble sits there quietly for a second, his eyes start to water. He thought Bertai was angry at him, so he ran as fast as he could out of the room. Bertai calling out after him, "Where are you going? You're not in trouble. Ble, I swear you're not in trouble." August yells at Bertai, "What do YOU mean he's not in trouble? He just totally destroyed my room and I JUST cleaned it!! GRR. Haven't you two freakazoids learnt that you NEED to respect other peoples property." Bertai ignored August and went in search of his beloved Ble.

"Ble, coo-ha-coo-ha." No one answered. Even the secret call didn't work. Bertai began worrying, What if he's lost or even worse hurt. I'm the worst owner ever, he thought. Then all of a sudden he saw... OMG it was Ble. Oh wait, it was only Ble's sibbling Gle. Disappointment struck his face. What if he never found Ble again? He then asked Gle, "Have you seen Ble anywhere?" Gle croaked, "Not since he destroyed August and I's room. What was he thinking?"

Bertai wishes Gle farewell and continues walking. It was starting to get dark and Ble might look tough, but he sure doesn't like the dark. If only he had brought a flashlight, he knew Ble would come straight towards it. Then he hears soft wimpering from the near by bushes. Bertai calls out, "Ble, is that you? Please be you, Ble, please." Ble replies, "Go away! I'm a silly petpet and you should go and get yourself a well behaved petpet like a polarchuck or something I worthless, Bertai, worthless.." Bertai had never heard such negative comments come out of Ble's mouth and replies, "You're not worthless Ble. Don't talk like that. You're my best friend, and a polarchuck could never be my best friend." Ble sobs louder, then he tries to speak. "I'm really sorry, Bertai, i'll try and be a good Gumblesh from now on. You're my best friend and I wouldn't like you owning any other petpet ever anyways."

They head on home and hope that August is in a forgiving mood, otherwise they know that both of them will pay.


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