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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kajisa
Owner: Lilkitkat55
Pet: Jenka_
Breed: Meowclops

About Kajisa:

A very tiny cute meowclops hops on to the stage. The crowd awws. Kajisa grins showing her very sharp teeth, then attacks one of the crowd, a kougra, and shallows them whole. Although the kougra was tens times the tiny meowclop's size, she still looks the same. Kajisa continues to the front of the stage and sits down in front of the NeoStaff.. They quickly scoot back away from her... She doesn't notice, or doesn't care, and starts her story:

"Err.. Hi, I'm Kajisa. I'm one of the only petpets I know that has the title of Attack Meowclops." The crowd shuffles toward the back of the room.

"My Pet, Jenka is decently nice to me so I don't eat her. But I eat other pets that decide to annoy us. Of course at first everyone laughs and coos at me." Kajisa grins. Her eyes flashing dangerously. "But then they are in my tummy and can't laugh anymore. I found out when I was then I currently am, that I can eat things much bigger then I am. This wasn't a talent to be put to waste." The crowd is slowly disappearing from the room in hopes to get away from this crazy pet-eatting petpet.

"So, I set out to find some kind of job I could do. Along the way, I met a nice Aisha, Jenka_ she called herself, and we became friends. After awhile I realized that there was one job I could do. I could protect others. So I became Jenka's petpet and now I protect my family. It's very large you see. Kit, my Pet's owner, has quite a few accounts to look after. So I have my hands...err... paws full keeping the peace and eatting any pet stupid enough to harm *cough* or annoy *cough* us." Kajisa looks up and turns her one big green eye to look around the room. "Oh garn. I scared them all away again." she mrrows and hops down from the stage, bounding across the room to the door...

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