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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Cam'wethrin
Owner: dream_scribbler
Pet: Swift_moon16
Breed: Khnum

About Cam'wethrin:

Swift_moon16 the blue Lupe sits around a campfire his eyes glitter and he says "So you want to know the story of this little rascal?" he gestures to the khnum, cam'wethrin beside him "Well I suppose I could tell you so everyone lean close and listen because it's a very.ermmminteresting story"

"This is my khnum, cam'wethrin, in my native tongue cam'wethrin means thief, I named him thief because of this story.... One day I was visiting one of my favorite places the lost desert. I had already gone to the fruit machine and it had given me zilch. Frustrated I decided to try my luck with the all mighty coltzan at his shrine, Walking into the shrine the smell of incense filled my nose and I bowed before the large shrine I prayed to coltzan to give me a power suddenly a voice filled my head and told me that he, coltzan, shall grant I, swift moon16, a point of strength. The vision ended and I felt stronger, happy with my good fortune I decided I needed a better battledome item because to tell you the truth my cobrall dagger was getting a little too simple. Walking into the large battledome store that was in the Lost Desert I was amazed by the many items that lined the walls, a flash caught my eye and I turned and infront of my eyes was the most dazzling dagger I had ever seen. I reached for it and found the price was only 14,000. I bought it right away. By the time I had finished buying the dagger I was very hungry walking through and around the Lost Desert for 5 hours could really tire a guy out! I decided to grab a piece of a ptolymelon and a sphinx links I headed out to a bunch outside the stall and watched the petpet shop eyeing some of the fantastic petpets that sat inside. My mallard was getting old and truly liked my sister more than me and I was thinking of giving him to her for her birthday. I decided after I finished my lunch I would go try and find a petpet. Suddenly a heard a shuffle behind my feet where my dagger sat! I jumped up and found a khnum trying to haul off my dagger! Of course the dagger was clearly very heavy for the little guy and he wasn't getting anywhere! I grabbed him up and looked him straight in the eyes and was about to scold him when he bit me on the nose! I growled and turned to take him back to the petpet store when I saw an enormous shadow fall over me looking up a saw a huge grarrl and was a little frightened. The grarrl eyed my dagger and roughly said "Give me Dagger" I shook my head and was about to turn to run when another, larger grarrl came up on the other side of me, I didn't know what to do when suddenly I felt the petpet in my hand jump and attack the grarrl in front of me, the other grarrl ran to help his friend as the khnum scratched and bit both of them! In a flurry of excitement the grarrls managed to get the khnum off and run away, bending down I smiled and spoke to the petpet "Well you cam'wethrin you turned out pretty nice in the end would you like to come with me?" The khunm nodded vigorously as his pharaoh's headdress shook I pondered for a moment and said "what to call you though?" The khnum managed to say "Cam'wethrin" I laughed, "You want to be named thief?" He nodded again and I smiled "Cam'wethrin it is!"

Swift moon smiled as he ended his story and suddenly cam'wethrin meeped. Swift moon smiled "No I'm afraid we don't have any more time cam'wethrin or yes I would tell them about your unlikely friendship with the snowager" Cam'wethrin let out a string of grunts and swift moon laughed "Yes I know the snowickle took your spot" Cam'wethrin bounces up and down and swift moon shakes his head "No, no I'm afraid we don't have time for the illusen mishap either" He turns to the rest of the neopets surrounding the fire and smiles "We really must get going we have places to see goodnight" and quietly the Lupe and the khnum walk away together the khnum meeping and the Lupe laughing.

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