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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lepp
Owner: charmedhorses
Pet: Purlp
Breed: Polarchuck

About Lepp:

A cloud Kiko floats onto the stage where petpets audition for the Petpet Spotlight. The audience watches in hushed silence as she chokes back tears. Her eyes glistening, she struggles to find her voice.

"My Polarchuck was going to audition today. But-" a tear trickles down her check. "He's...he's gone...gone missing."

She hurriedly floats off the stage and hovers in front of the judge's seat. "I brought an entry for him even though he couldn't come," the Kiko says, thrusting a piece of paper onto the desk. Snuffling and wiping away tears she hurriedly floats away.

The judge picks up the wrinkled piece of paper stained with tears and reads:

Lepp is my faithful Polarchuck. He has always been there for me, an ideal petpet. I am a lab pet and so am often changing species, color, and even gender. When I felt I had lost myself Lepp helped me discover who I was. He was given to me last winter, a small cub with a big heart. He was into everything-food, toys-everything. Since then Lepp has matured, although still a cub at heart.

It was just last weekend I discovered him missing. When I woke up I found he was not in his bed, and after searching all over the house with no success, I was heart broken. I went into town hoping someone had caught a glimpse of him, only to find that he was not the only one missing. It seemed many Petpets had been reported lost. There had to be something or someone behind it all! Rumors of a jelly world and Petpets being made to work in a jelly factory have been flung around, but I only care about one thing. Lepp.

In the blink of an eye the bundle of fluff so dear to my heart was taken from me. Just like that. No good-byes, no I love yous, no nothing. How I long for just one more time playing on the shores of Mystery Island or having a snowball fight in Happy Valley with him. Lepp was so excited about auditioning for Petpet spotlight. He wanted so badly to have that trophy placed in our look-up. Well, Lepp, this is for you.

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