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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: GLoWiNgPrEzZiE
Owner: glowing_dreamz
Pet: GLoWiNgDeLiGhT
Breed: Harris

About GLoWiNgPrEzZiE:

*Hugs her beloved Faerie Harris, GLoWiNgPrEzZiE* It has been a LONG 100 days that my wonderful GLoWiNgPrEzZiE and I have spent together, supporting each other through our unbreakable friendship. Oh, I can imagine how horrible and incomplete my life would be without this wonderful friend and companion of mine. I still remember as clear as day... how I met my friendly and lively petpet friend of mine. It all started when I created my third pet, GLoWiNgDeLiGhT...

It was one fine day in Neopia, and I had just came back from the Create-A-Pet center... with a new and fabulous pet, which was the third pet that I would be taking care of. Not wanting to put my expensive laboratory ray to waste, I decided that it'd be best to use it on my new pet. My pet would, from personal experience, grow stronger and faster in time. By all means, it was the perfect way to strengthen my pet, without having to spend thousands of NP on codestones and dubloons! Only problem was this... how was I going to decide what petpet would suit my new laboratory pet?

As most Neopians know, through the use of the laboratory ray, there would be many times where the species, gender, and color of a laboratory pet would certainly change randomly. How would I choose a suitable petpet for my laboratory pet... if there wasn't a specific color, gender, or species for my pet, consistently?

From past experiences, I had used the colors, species, gender, and overall look of my pets, to decide which petpet would best suit that pet. For example, I had given my legendary shadow Draik, GLoWiNgSpiRiTz, a Melton, because that petpet had resembled the idea of fire, which suited dragons perfectly. This new petpet problem of mine would definitely be one of my most difficult brain busters ever. Even though the problem seemed to be somewhat impossible to solve, I wouldn't give up. My new pet deserved the best, and that was what I'd do; find the best petpet for that laboratory pet of mine.

I really wanted to solve that petpet dilemma of mine, but first of all, I had to start off somewhere. After a few more minutes of thinking, I came to an obvious realization... of course, the Central Neopian Petpet Shop, home of every type of petpet known to Neopia! That was the perfect place to start, since I had close relations with the petpet shopkeeper, TepTep. Knowing TepTep, he knew everything that had to do with petpets... anything! He knew the prices, rarities, colors, weights, and types of every petpet in Neopia, definitely someone who was an assurance at giving out the best petpet advice in the planet.

Finally, after 10 minutes of speed walking in the blazing sun, I had reached my destination... the one and only... Central Neopian Petpet Shop! I had gently opened the huge door to the shop, as I heard the wooden door slightly squeak. Upon entering the store, my eyes had immediately come upon my savior... TepTep.

"So... what can I do for you today, Cherry? Got any problems with those other two petpets that you purchased the last time?" asked TepTep, as he fiddled with his dark blue eyeglasses.

"No... not at all! In fact, I had no problems with those other two petpets of mine; they've been wonderful! Actually, I came to ask your advice about a petpet problem that I have to solve..." I replied worriedly, as troubled signs appeared all over my sweaty face.

"Ahh... another petpet dilemma for me to solve... and as usual, I'd be happy to lend you any assistance possible. So, what is this problem that you have exactly?" exclaimed TepTep, as he awaited my answer.

"Well, you see... I got this new pet from the Create-A-Pet center. But the thing is this... the pet is a laboratory pet, so I can't exactly decide what petpet to give this new pet of mine..." I said, with a concerned expression lingering for anyone to see.

"A laboratory pet, eh? Well, oh my, I'd thought that with that worried face that you were giving me... that the problem would be something more serious! In fact, I think that I have a certain petpet that I'd think would be perfect for you and your new laboratory pet! A very new petpet in fact; just released today... and the newest craze around Neopia! Just hold on a second while I get her for you...." said TepTep, as he went to the back of the room to retrieve that new petpet he spoke of.

"Are you sure that this petpet you mentioned is the one for me?" I asked, as he came back with a light peach box in his hands. The box was as big as a shoebox; whatever this petpet was... it certainly wasn't as big as some of the others that I had before.

"I'm sure of it... positive enough to bet all of the NP in Neopia on it! Once you see it, you'll know exactly what I mean..." responded TepTep, as he revealed the petpet that was concealed in the small cardboard box.

Once TepTep had taken over the box cover, a curious head and sparkling eyes had appeared and looked straight at me. Oh. My. Goodness. It was a Faerie Harris, and probably the most adorable petpet in the planet... no, in the universe! Those little pink and blue wings of hers, the smile she had directed at me, the cute colors that perfectly blended together, and just the overall look of this petpet was so... loveable! TepTep was right... it was the perfect petpet for me!

Ever since that day I had met that wonderful Faerie Harris, I have been completely absorbed by that loving nature of GLoWiNgPrEzZiE. She was, by all means, the best petpet for my pet... a perfect match. Being as cute as a button could be, and having that friendly attitude of hers; she was, and still is... one of the best petpets out there in Neopia.

Don't you think that this perfect and one-of-a-kind petpet of mine should win the Petpet Spotlight? *Grins happily* And since we are celebrating our first 100-day anniversary, I'd think that having GLoWiNgPrEzZiE being featured in the Petpet Spotlight would be the best and most considerate present she'd ever have in her entire petpet lifetime!

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