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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Gonzo
Owner: september1792
Pet: Zizise
Breed: Snarhook

About Gonzo:

"Windy, cloudy, no sun, no moon. A mere hour ago, maybe shorter, that I got the best thing ever, a petpet. Christened 'Gonzo' after the alien-like muppet. Gonzo, my petpet, my only friend. My sisters and brother find me odd, an indoor type. Only exiting the house, my den, my temple to go to Krawk Island, where I found Gonzo. Lab, expirements going wrong.... Gonzo helping to clean up, helpful, always at my side, Gonzo."

"Bravo, Zizise!" my teacher yelled. "A poem, with no rhyme, you are quite a poet!" Almost everyone in my class cheered, but a yellow buzz called out, "What do you mean by, 'lab'??" Expect him to critisize my poem. I am a buzz, a red one, and is treated like a freak, by other buzzes naturally.
"My room! I have a jr. scientist set, so when I use it, my room becomes my lab." A couple of the yellow buzz's cronies sniggered.
"Well," said my teacher, "Why don't you bring Gonzo to class tomorrow?" I smiled. Gonzo, my snarhook would be happy to come. So, I nodded and exited class.

After school, I flew home, eager to tell mom what happened in ELA today. I crashed into the house to find mom waiting for me. She looked upset. Before I could ask, she said to me,
"Zi, Gonzo is missing." She said this quietly. I barely heard her, I seemed dazed, no, more than dazed, I was half-fainted.
"What?" I asked, sure I hadn't heard the statement. But I had. My snarhook, my BFF, was missing.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!" My yell caused my sisters and brothers to run to me. Mom had them exit the room and she spoke to me. After this, I recited my school poem, and then made a new one.

"Mid-day, sad, upsetting. Gonzo, gone, no friends, no petpet. Gonzo, my BFF gone. Gone before his shot for fame in ELA, gone before our trip around Neopia. Ran off, pet-napped, whichever, gone. Hard to think of. What happened to my beloved petpet........" I stopped, unable to contain my grief. I began to sob. My brother Syasaki and my two sisters CottonballCreature and Wildberrydog ran to me. Seeing Gonzo gone, they said they'd help me look. But I said no, and ran to my room, locking my door. I made posters, each one said,


Then I added our address and phone number and flew outside to paste them on every tree and telephone poles. As I flew to the 100th one, I heard a voice behind me say,
"Missing, Gonzo the snarhook???" I turned around, it was the yellow buzz from class.
"Well, well, well, so much for your shot in fame, eh?" asked the smirking buzz. I sighed, and recited a poem,

"Today was good at dawn and bad at dusk, my BFF is gone. T'is a horrid thing I know but he will return." and then I walked away. As I did so, the buzz said aloud,
"I bet he was captured!!" He yelled. This gave me a hint, a good one.
"Thanks!" I yelled and flew off.

Hours later, I landed in front of Smuggeler's Cove. I was always cautiouos around here. I peeked in the cove, and saw the pirates, behing them, a cage. A cage with Gonzo in it. I snuck in, and soon realized the pirates were asleep. I walked to the cage and unlocked it. I picked up Gonzo and flew away.

"Saved and rescued, my Snarhook Gonzo. Nabbed by Pirates, stuffed in a cage. Smuggler's Cove, dark damp, spooky. My petpet, Gonzo!!"
"Wonderful, Zizise! A+!!" my teacher said. I smiled, knowing that my Gonzo was a priceless treasure to me, and would never be replaced.

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