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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sir Lumley
Owner: moongirl_20
Pet: demiana_20
Breed: Boween

About Sir Lumley:

Demiana_20 met her trusty and very special petpet Sir Lumley The Boween in a most unnerving manner.

Demiana_20 the baby Acara was out walking one day, after having just finished a quest for Illusen and feeling quite pleased with herself. "And soon, she will grant me the elusive honey potion...", she thought shaking with glee.

Suddenly a purple puff of smoke appeared and out of it whirled a furious Jhudora. "How dare you do a quest for HER!" she roared ferociously. Poor Demiana_20 fairly trembled herself into a tizzy.

"B-b-b-but I was only trying to be helpful..." stammered the young Acara, fearing the worst.

"Don't worry, I'll save you sweet Acara!" piped up the tiniest squeek of a voice. It was a wee Boween, but his heart was puffed out full of bravery and his eyes had a just sort of calm.

"YOU!" cackled Jhudora, "Why I've had larger roasts for dinner than the likes of you!" she chortled gleefully.

As Jhudora's eyes closed while she was immersed in laughter, that is the moment the brave Sir Lumley chose to make his move. As fast as his little Boween feet could carry him, he scurried up to Jhudora and with all of his might, used his Hypno Helmet on her. He barely reached her knees, but that was enough for the freezing effect to take place.

"Hurry Miss, we must scurry away!" puffed Sir Lumley, rushing Demiana_20 to a safe haven, where they would be safe from Jhudora.

"My hero, you saved my life!", said Demiana_20 hugging Sir Lumley so tight his cheeks turned bright red. "There must be something I can do for you.", she implored, knowing that she would have had a terrible fate, had the brave Sir Lumley not come along.

"What is your name, little one, and please tell me what I can do for you. There is no favour too great to ask of me." chirped the Acara.

"They call me Sir Lumley, for I was once a Boween Knight in a faraway land. My friend was lost in a great battle, and I wander Neopia in search of him."

"Well, that settles it!" squealed Demiana_20, I will become your new owner, and we shall search for your lost friend together!" she said with heartfelt happiness, glad that she could not only be of help, but have a new friend as well.

"Thank you, sweet Acara, I shall be eternally grateful that you would take me in.", sighed Sir Lumley. "It hasn't been easy for someone as small as myself alone in Neopia." squeeked the Boween.

"You are a darling to be sure, and I will take quite good care of you, since you are, after all, my hero!" bubbled Demiana_20 excitedly, as she reached down and took his little paw in her own. Off they went to her Neohome and both silently wondered what adventures awaited them next.

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