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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: MrHeap
Owner: bigsmama
Pet: LemonyMcD
Breed: Whoot

About MrHeap:

MrHeap's information may say that he isn't even a year old yet. The truth of the matter is that he's nearing 5 years of age! He has waited this long to be rescued from an ugly end. Before your time here in Neopia, before you knew of what lurked in the Haunted Woods, MrHeap was there keeping Neopia safe from evil.

I don't know if you knew this, but the Haunted Woods use to be a valley with a blue stream running through it, keeping the grass a lush green and the flowers in full bloom year round. A lot of the older Neopians have no trouble in remembering what happened 5 years ago in the Haunted Woods.

It was just another day, another day of pretty Unis and brave Lupes wandering the landscape of this soon to be overpowered village. At the time, Haunted Woods was know as Everlush Forest for reasons being obvious. The rays of the sun seeped through the branches onto a cleared spot in the middle of Everlush Forest. A long shadow was cast in this very spot on the early morning, dew covered leaves. What appeared only stayed that morning but caused destruction beyond repair and left behind what is now known as the Haunted Woods. This thing must have had great power for it left only destruction, mutations, and spirits that only knew evil. A great war was fought in the Haunted Woods but evil overcame good and all was lost. Throughout the next year it was overrun with witchery, spells, and darkness. Everyone had given up trying to take back the land until a brave, little, brown Whoot visited to gather the rocks from a Rock Tree to grind down and make little figurines from.

An all too familiar shadow rose over this little Whoot and engulfed him in total blindness. The Whoot's reaction was to grab at his eyes to scrape away the darkness. The rocks he held in his hand dropped to the dry, cracked earth and broke into little pieces. These little pieces of stone liquefied, seeped into the ground and out grew a flower so bright and illumioness that it over powered the darkness and the shadow faded away.

The spell that was looming over the Haunted Woods was lifted and most evil left. Because there was no more harm coming from the Haunted Woods, it was left to reside. Witches, spirits, and ghouls still rule here but are harmless. Every so often you can find evil presiding but nothing dangerous.

This little Whoot was nominated to be watcher of the Haunted Woods and was given a black traveling robe and a scythe as a walking stick. He is getting old and so needed someone to take care of him in his old age. I volunteered, along with my pet LemonyMcD, to watch over him.

You can still find MrHeap wandering the Haunted Woods year round, searching for any evil lurking there. As he walks, you can hear a sound coming from his deep pockets that resemble that of little stones scraping together.

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