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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chuckles
Owner: stormbringer_lyra
Pet: Ozymandus_Mistwolf
Breed: Polarchuck

About Chuckles:

Ozymandus_Mistwolf: Hello There. I'm Ozymandus_mistwolf, know to most people, as Ozzie. I am here today to nominate my Petpet, Chuckles, for the Petpet spotlight. Chuckles is a very talented Electrician/ Tech Geek. He can program computers, invent new ways to configure wires, and all that other Tech stuff that I completely don't understand. My interest in nominating Chuckles came to me one day at the Space Station....

*She snaps her claws and a Polarchuck (Chuckles) runs out with a video projector, which he sets up and turns on.*

Chuckles: Roll Film!


*Ozzie and Chuckles are walking around Space Station*

Chuckles: Ohhh! *He dives into open air vent.*

Ozzie: O my! Chuckles! Were are you? Chuckles? Come Back!!! *She sticks her head in air vent. Chuckles is nowhere in sight. Suddenly, the lights flash off.* Chuckles! Get over here! We've got to go!

Loud Speaker Booms: Attention all Sloth Drones and Servants! Find one Polarchuck and one Lupe. They are responsible. Bring them to me.

Ozzie: Gosh! Chuckles! This is NOT funny anymore, come out before you be come lunch for a robot!!!!

*She sees a Drone coming at her and dives into the vent.*

Ozzie:*in a harsh whisper* Chuckles! I've got a Lemon-Lime fish pop with your name on it!

Chuckles: No! I like Strawberry.

*Buzzes are heard form the air vent and then you see a flash. Next, Chomby and the Fungus Balls is heard form all speakers and disco balls float down from the ceiling.*

Dr. Sloth: Ooooow! Disco, Disco, Disco!

*Everyone except Ozzie and Chuckles start dancing.*

Loud Speaker Booms: All drones & servants report to the main deck for a dance party!

*Chuckles and Ozzie slip out of the space station unnoticed.*

Ozzie: *Laughing* Chuckles, that was the funniest thing you have ever done. Did you hear how Dr. Sloth was singing? Shame there isn't a video screen...

Chuckles: The best is yet to come...

*Rainbow lights starts flashing on the outside of the station and Chomby and the Fungus Balls can be herd.*

Ozzie: Let's get Smoothies, on me. C'mon...

Chuckles: Thanks, Oz! *He gives her a hug.* You're my best friend!

*They head toward Neopia Central...*


*Chuckles Folds up Video Projector and exits.*

Ozzie: And that my friends, is why Chuckles is the best Petpet in Neopia! Anyone who can make the Whole Space Station dance deserves recognition. Thanks you.

*She Leaves*

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