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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Shadows
Owner: lady__darigan
Pet: Nirrissa_of_Darigan
Breed: Noil

About Shadows:

A mutant Lupess in a gray-purple dress walks into the spotlight, large, leathery wings bobbing slightly. Tapping her knee, she calls "Shadows! Shad-Shad-Shad-Shadows!"

A minuscule Noil with dark-gray legs and face and a deep purple mane pads in slowly. He quickly presses next to his owner's leg, staring at the audience.

Lupe: "Hello my fellow Neopians! I am Nirrissa of Darigan and this is my Noil, Shadows! Tell the people a little about yourself, sweetie."

Shadows: *shivering* "Uhh..."

Rissa: "Shadows, honey, why did you want to enter so bad if you knew you'd get scared? I told you there were lots of people. *she turns back to the audience* Well, he's just a little stage-shy, he's very sweet actually. Very determined too... You wouldn't believe how much he begged to enter! Now Shads, can you please say something? It's your spotlight, so please try not to be scared."

Shadows: *shivering* "Umm, uh..."

Rissa: "If you really don't want to talk, I will, OK?"

Shadows: "Mmnnmm..."

The back door opens suddenly, and a large dark-purple Lupe comes barging in, looking mad.

Rissa: "Roland, you radish-head! This just happens to be our petpet spotlight you're interrupting!"

Roland: I don't care what it is! You stuffed my Orb in the dump and you're getting it out!"

Rissa: "Says who? You get your stupid soccer ball! "

Roland: "But mom says you have to!"

Rissa: "Cheater..." She follows him out, growling.

Shadows: "Don't mind them, they're both out of their minds. Anyhow, I am Shadows, the greatest, and only, Noil Wizard! I have powers that are beyond your mortal imaginations! I have the power to transform into my true, monstrous self, but the shock would boggle your puny minds, and Nirrissa would have to pay many a medical bill. Not that I couldn't magic the NP to appear, I just don't want to raise suspicion in my "owner" before the time is right. Although she is a crazy Neopet, ignorant to my powers, she is kind to me and I pity her. Someday, when Neopia is mi-"

Nirrissa comes back in, covered with garbage and white with rage. On stage, she takes a deep breath and smiles at Shadows.

Rissa: "Now that you've had time to think it over, perhaps you want to say something to the audience?"

Shadows: *shivering* "Er... Ummm..."

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