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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Karmata
Owner: wiccafl
Pet: moeahmedsoliman2000
Breed: Slorg

About Karmata:

A navy pelted lupe walks uncertainly up to the stage, with what appears to be a sock laying across his back. He stands, faces the audience, and speaks. "Hi, I'm Soliman, and this is.." he reaches back with his tail and wraps it around the thing on his back, bringing it in front of him for all to see. "Kar-" he peers down at it, his golden eyes suddenly growing as big as dubloons. "Ma...ta?" He lifts the limp, fuzzy sock closer to his face, and inspects it. "AH! This isn't my pet! Un.. Uh.. Hehe," he grins. "Please hold on a second," and he runs off the stage and out the door.

A few minutes later he stumbles back in on his hind legs, carrying something white and green and fuzzy between his front paws. He sets it down on the stage and falls backwards behind it with a loud thunk. While he composes himself, all eyes can wander to the bundle on the stage... another sock? No, wait, it's moving! And it has eyes.. and...and... Suddenly, Soliman approaches and sits beside the 'living sock', gazing at it fondly before turning his attention back to the crowd.

"As I was saying, this is Karmata, my Plushie Slorg."

Karmata takes a moment to make a gleeful squelching sound.

"Cute!" coos the lupe, scooping the fuzzy creature up in his arms and cuddling it. This certainly isn't a display you'd expect from the oldest, seemingly most mature pet of the family. After realizing that he's on stage and you're watching him, he gently places the Slorg down again and clears his throat.

"Oh, yes, um, as I was saying... this is Karmata. We're here today to show you all the great things a Slorg can accomplish if given a chance." He proceeds to set out a piece of paper and a tray of paints. "Go on," he whispers encouragement to the Slorg. Karmata moves forward, sliding into the paints, and then across the paper, leaving trails of swirled colors. Soliman sits back and watches her, and when the plushie thing rolls off of the paper he grins widely and holds it up.

"Voila! A masterpiece!" Across the paper are streaks of purple, orange, and yellow, but this lupe could be no more proud if his pet had imitated a master work. His golden eyes catch on his beloved Slorg, who is covered with paint.

"Oh, I forgot to mention the greatest thing about a plushie pet!" Soliman picks Karmata up and carries her to the washing machine in the corner. "Machine washable!" he slips his pet in the sudsy water, sets the dial, and waits. When the washer goes off, he pulls Karmata out, and slips her into the adjacent dryer. Once it's finished he pulls out a happy, fuzzy, squealing Slorg.

"Dryer fresh!" he snuggles the plushie pet, and suddenly his fur stands on end. Oh dear, static electricity! Soliman chuckles and sets Karmata down.

"Don't you see why she's so great no-" he had been walking towards the edge of the stage, and slipped in the paint from Karmata's earlier 'art-show'. With a cry he falls clumsily off the stage. Karmata, meanwhile, simply looks at you, then closes her eyes and gurgles contently.

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