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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Warbek
Owner: fdsa139
Pet: Kaokki
Breed: Crokabek

About Warbek:

A young purple kacheek walks onto the stage. She starts to speak as loud as she can manage saying, "I'd Like to introduce my petpet, Warbek.", she looks up and puts a paw to her teeth letting out a loud clear whistle. Out of no where appears a average sized white crokabek, it lands lightly on the kacheek's right paw. " Well, this is Warbek, he is my petpet. He is pretty awesome and can do all sorts of tricks." the kacheek raises her left paw and pressing it to other teeth lets out another different sounding whistle. Warbek takes off and flies three circles around to room and lands back on the kacheek's right paw, he lets out a loud coo and fluffs himself up. "As you can see he is quite the charmer" says the kacheek." I got him when whit and I went on a trip to Meridell. It was really fun and I got to see all sorts of things, we played cheese roller and round table poker, but it got late and we had to take off home on the NeoExpress Airlines so we could get home. As we were heading towards to port we saw a shop that said 'Ye Olde Petpets' I smiled with delight and begged whit to take me there for a moment. We entered the shop and saw rows of boxes with species on them in white tape. We browsed around for a moment and then I saw 'Crokabek' written on one of the larger boxes and chanced a look at the description 'Crokebek can be found perched on the battlements of Castle Meridell.' I instantly thought of the sky and thought of what fun it would be to have a flying petpet. I turned to whit who was talking to the shop owner and ran over to her with the box clutched in my paws. "Can I get this one?" I asked anxiously to her.

"Are you sure you want that one? It might bite or something, and we just got new carpet and...", she said redundantly.

"PLEASE, I'll pay for it myself.", I said in a pleading voice.

"Well I guess, it is your money", she said then turning to the owner of the shop she said, " We would like to get this one."

"Okay", said the Ixi taking my bag of neopoints he rang it up and handed it back to me.

"Are you ready to go?", said whit.

"Yeah, I guess", I said, suddenly very tired. seeing that I was tired whit picked me up and carried me and my new Crokebek to the port just outside the shop. It took two hours for us to get back home, but I slept most of the way while whit read an old copy of the neopian times. When we finally got home I ran to my room and put away my luggage and peeked into the box that I had purchased. Inside was a chirping bundle of fun! He nestled my chin and I patted his head. We were instant friends. He was white but I thought that was normal so I took him outside to play with. To my surprise when we got outside he flew around for a while and then landed neatly on my head. Since then I have taught him loads of tricks and whit says I am a natural Hawker (whatever that meant) me and Warbek are the best of friends and I would never ask for a better bud."

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