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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Lucy
Owner: beatlejessie
Pet: AbbeyLennon
Breed: Bowla

About Lucy:

One day, a young Kacheek named AbbeyLennon went for a walk along the beach. It was a beautiful day, and Abbey was having a wonderful time! After walking for a little while, she started to hear a strange sound.

"POP!-la-la-tra-la-la-la" "POP!-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!"

She started to walk towards where the sound was coming from. She realized that it was singing, but she couldn't see anyone around! After searching for a few minutes, Abbey decided just to sit down at the edge of a small tide pool and enjoy the music.

As she was looking out over the tide pool she noticed lots of tiny bubbles floating to the surface. All of a sudden, she realized where the music was coming from! When each little bubble rose to the top, it exploded with a POP! and then more of the song came out. AbbeyLennon was very curious (as young Kacheeks are) so she took a deep breath, and very quietly stuck her head in the tide pool to see who was singing. At first, she really couldn't see anything. Then, she saw a stream of silvery bubbles! She looked down the trail of bubbles, and saw a little bluish creature swimming in little circles and singing to itself. Hoping not to scare it, Abbey said "hi" very quietly. The singer turned around, and Abbey saw that it was a cute little Bowla!

"Hi," said the Bowla.

"Your singing is very pretty," said Abbey.

"Thanks!" the Bowla replied. "Sometimes I sing because I'm kind of lonely. My friends can swim a lot deeper than me, and today they went on a treasure hunt down in the depths, but I had to stay here!"

The Bowla frowned at this thought, and Abbey could see that the little Bowla was very unhappy. After popping out of the water for a quick breath, Abbey turned back towards the Bowla and said, "hey, maybe you could come live with me! We could talk and play, and you could still sing, but this time because you're happy!"

The Bowla thought about this for a moment. Then it smiled and said, "What would you call me?" and Abbey said, "well, what's your name?" "In Bowla language its Gloogy-bloop-rrrrrrr-pop," said the Bowla, "but I'm sure you can think of a nicer name." Abbey said, "I will think about it while I go get a bowl so I can take you back home with me!"

And so Abbey ran right to the Neopia Central PetPet store, and bought a bowl for her new friend the Bowla! When she got back to the tide pool she scooped the Bowla up, and smiled at her. "I thought of a name!" Abbey said. "I've decided that since I found you singing, I will name you after my favorite song. Your new name is Lucy!" Lucy was very excited about her new name, and did a little flip in her bowl and squirted some water on Abbey. Carrying her new friend very carefully, AbbeyLennon and Lucy headed towards their Neohome to play.

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