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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Theodore
Owner: Moonandsun211
Pet: May_4545
Breed: Bilguss

About Theodore:

A cloud kau opens the door to the neohome, she frowns and let's you in with a look of frustration. The neohome is silent, except for a thumping every now and then...but then it appears. With a streak of white something flies over your heads.

The cloud kau cries shrilly. "Duck!" before reaching a hoof up to catch this UFP, (unidentified flying petpet). She rolls her eyes, before grabbing the petpet roughly and sitting the white creature down of the table. It murmurs loudly, in a high-pitched voice before the unhappy kau removes the duct tape from its mouth. Right before your eyes there sits a grinning white bilguss.

The kau speaks annoyed, sighing unhappily now and then." The shop owner said they never smile. That kyri on Krawk Island told me that they were unhappy. But, no not Theodore... Donna forbid this little thing ever be sad or-"

Suddenly, the white bilguss screams (quite girlishly I might add) and lifts a large white foot to wave. "Hello Everyone! My name is Theo... can we be neofriends?" Without warning the bilguss lurches rolls forward, running into your arms with childish giggles. He looks up at you and cocks, body and giggles again.

The cloud kau picks him up, and sets him back on the table without emotion. "Happy little thing, isn't he? Theodore has yet to understand that you need arms to hug.!"

The little bilguss has a large pink ribbon tied in his red tuft of hair, which he waves in your faces. In a soprano voice the bilguss breaks into a chorus, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty... oh so pretty and wit-"The kau reaches down and pushes the duct tape back onto his wide open mouth.

"You're from that petpet spotlight thing, aren't you? Oh great, As if Theodore doesn't have enough things to be happy about. Even with the petpet abductions he's still bright and cheery..." She glances over at the bilguss, who is trying to rip off the tape with oversized feet. "I took him to the doctor's once, they said it was just a phase... but no, I should've just spent the money and bough one of those Drackonacks! They'd have been drearier than Theodore!"

May picks up the happy bilguss and puts him on the windowsill before talking again. She turns to you, "They had to take my brother's pet, a perfectly silent pfish." The kau shrugs. Theodore, with a happy little scream, succeeded in removing his duct tape. Suddenly, the bilguss flings himself across the room and in your lap.

"Who ever you are, take Theo... I don't care what you do with him; I just want him gone and missing..." The bliguss grins again, before waving.

"Be my friend... Theo loves everyone! Don't you love faeriela-" The kau wraps the duct tape quickly, and you decide it's time for you to leave this very odd couple.

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