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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: FuZzBaLL
Owner: iamhungry1221
Pet: PuNkY_fRoG12
Breed: Walking Carpet

About FuZzBaLL:

Me and my owner, iamhungry,(which by the way is always hungry) went to a nearby carpet store for our new neohome. Benji and Billy, my brothers, were to lazy to go with us so we went by ourselves. We browsed through the store and found nothing special or unique. Everything there was plain and boring and we were about to leave but in the corner of my eye i saw something twitch. I told iamhungry(no I'm not hungry!) and we ran to the spot where i saw the thing move. She said it was my imagination but she soon saw it move too and almost screamed when I closed her mouth. She backed away thinking it was a bug but looked more closely at the poor, small, helpless creature.

Since iamhungry is pretty weak, I had to lift all the carpet and she would grab the poor little fella. When she took the the unusual brown fuzzball with black small horns in her arms, we soon relized it was a petpet known as "The walking carpet". We knew then and there that it must've mistakingly been put along with the rest of the carpet and had been shipped to this very store. We told the manager of the store and he felt so bad about the poor petpet that he asked us to keep it for free. He said that he knew that we would take good care of him and help him recover from some injuries from all the heavy carpet. We said, 'thank you' to the manager and left with no ordinary carpet but with a "walking carpet" known to us as Fuzzball.

Since that day we've been best friends and played tons of games with each other. Though people say things like, "Why are you playing with a carpet?" or "That creature looks hideous! How could you be near such a thing?" I really dont care what others think because no matter what Fuzzball is my petpet and we'll be friends forever.

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