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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Weeby
Owner: Medivh
Pet: Flesh_Tearer
Breed: Boween

About Weeby:

Well, it happened like this.

My owner Medivh was reading the news about how Darigan was defeated and she laughed.

"Darigan is going about it alllllllll wrong!" she says, "He let absolute power corrupt him. He needs an army in which he can command without worrying about a whole land of wilting people." Then she sighed and shook her head. "If only I could take over Neopia."

This started me thinking. I owe her one, after all, she adopted me out of the pound, made me strong, and made me beautiful! 34 months she's taken care of me and she hasn't asked for a single thing in return. THIS was going to be my thank you! I decided I would build her a Grand army! But How?....

So the next day, she coems up to me and says, "All your siblings have petpets......... don't you want one?"
"Nahh..." I said, "Too much responsability!"
"Psh! Well, walk with me to Neopia Central and IF you see one you like, don't be afraid to say something."

So we went. The streets were crowded with Grarrls and Skeiths and all kinds of gigantic pets. Every time I thought I was going to get lost, Medivh gently grabbed my hand and led me the way.

And then I saw it!!!!!

A Beautiful Creature!!! Not just cute and huggable with big, staring eyes, but also POWERFUL looking! I thought it was a dream, but no! In the window of the petpet shop was my big blue dream!

I pulled on Medivh's sleeve. "What IS that?!"
She looked at the window and smiled. "Oh, that little cutey is a Boween."
"Can we get it!?!?!"
"... Absolutely!"

We walked in and went to the counter.
"How much is the boween?" I asked.
The usul shop keeper looked over at it and shook her head. "I'm sorry, the boween is not for sale. It is just there for display."

I stood in shock. I FINALLY found a petpet i liked, and it wasn't for sale! I looked into its giant eyes and it looked back at me. We were MADE for eachother!
Medivh walked up to the usul. "Surely you jest. How much will it take to get it off your hands?"
The usul smiled devilishly. "15 thousand neopoints."
Medivh looked back at me and the boween and smiled. "15 thousand? Fine. As you wish." and she handed over the money.

I ran over to my new boween and picked him up. Amazingly, it hugged me! THIS was my petpet.

Now remember how i was telling you about an Army? ...... well........ ever since, I've been smuggling boweens. I currently have 32 boweens and its still growing. I take them for adoption, find them on the streets, and go past random shops and buy them.

The army WILL come, but for now, My sweet General Weeby is just loving the garden at my neohome. Prepare Neopia, the wrath of the Boweens will soon come.

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