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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Valinia
Owner: vampyera
Pet: silvermoon189
Breed: Doglefox

About Valinia:

*You, along with the thousands of other people and other creatures, are waiting for the Petpet Spotlight. Out of nowhere, there's a flash of blue light and a female Blue Wocky in a long dress is standing beside a little Blue Doglefox.*

Silvermoon: I'm Silvermoon, the greatest Wocky Sorceress in the entire world. And this little hairball is Valinia. Ok, now I'm sure you're wondering what a important sorceress like myself is doing here, wasting her precious time to talk about a annoying little Petpet instead of trying to take over Neo- err, helping out Neopia, right? Of course I'm right, I'm always right.

Valinia: That's not true! You're usually sneaking around the Darigan Citadel! And you're not an important sorceress, either...

Silvermoon: *blushes and glares at Valinia* I am! Anyways, I bet you-

Valinia: You bet nothing!

Silvermoon: If you don't stop interrupting, I'll put a sock in your mouth!

Valinia: *eyes get big and starts whining* She's so cruel... I'll tell you how I came to this nasty little wocky. Are you listening? Ok, here it goes:

Twas a snowy December night, a day before New Years Eve. My many brother and sister Christmas Doglefoxes were all sleeping peacefully in our den at Terror Mountain. We had been talking about what Neopets we'd live with, their owners and so on earlier in the night. I was the smallest and scruffiest out of the bunch, and I was thinking that no one would ever want such a scrawny little creature. That's when a mysterious figure found our den and started grabbing my brothers and sisters, putting them in sacks. I, being the smallest managed to escape the den.

I ran through the mysterious figure's legs, and ran away! The mysterious figure (it sort of reminded me of a lady with wings) noticed me slipping away, and they gave chase. I ran as fast as I could; the only thing that kept me going was my own fear. I was soon getting tired though, and I had to rest somewhere. That's when I saw a little black lizard with funky hair and wings on the head of a Blue Wocky. I went to them, and collapsed with fatigue.

When I recovered, I noticed that I was by a fireplace on a Pink Rug. The little black lizard with funky hair and wings was sitting on a Zen Sofa, and the Blue Wocky was looking at me. She looked at the little black lizard with funky hair and wings and said: "Hey Vampyera, this poor 'lil thing went through a lot last night, can I keep her?"

The little black lizard with funky hair and wings just nodded, and the Wocky said "Great! I'm calling you Valinia!"

And that's how Silvermoon got me. After that, we were always together. Even though she's mean and nasty sometimes, I will always love her.

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