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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ted
Owner: Evil_bekca
Pet: VampyreSpike
Breed: Noil

About Ted:

A mutant Usul stands at a podium with the letters MNA on it. She looks over the crowd of grossly disfigured pets and petpets. She sighs before she starts speaking. "Welcome to this years final meeting of The Mutant Neopets Association. I would like you all to share a small story about the changes in your life this year. I'll leave the podium open for our first speaker. Don't be shy." She steps away from the podium and sits down. Nobody moves. No one wants to share a story. The Usul sits for a few minutes before decided to go back up to the podium. Before she gets there everyone turns as a little petpet walks up the aisle, gets on the stage and jumps onto the podium. It's a mutant Noil.

"Uh, hi. I'm Ted and I guess I'll share my story"

This year started like any other. I was still without a pet to take care of me. I hung out by the rainbow pool hoping someone would want to paint their noil mutant and find me. I really wanted to find a great home and a great friend. I knew some other mutant petpets that where doing the same. They kept telling me to come to these meeting with them. They said it would help. I finally decided to go. At first it was great to spend time with other mutant pets. We could talk about all the hard times we had finding an owner. We also told funny stories of people being scared of us.

After a few meetings I heard some pets talking about paintbrushes. I asked them what was going on. A mutant Chia said the MNA takes donations. Every month they chose a pet or petpet and buy a paintbrush for it. That pets chances of finding a home are much better once they are something besides a mutant. At today's meeting they were picking this months winner. The mutant Usul, the MNA's leader, started the meeting then. She wasted no time in announcing the winner. "Ted the mutant Noil. Congratulations, you are this months winner. You have one week to decide what paintbrush you would like" Everyone was so happy for me. They told me to pick wisely so I could get adopted. I wasn't too sure about being painted though. I liked being a mutant.

My week was up and I still hadn't picked a paintbrush. I was at the rainbow pool when a mutant Shoyru went flying by. A desert Kau was chasing him and laughing. They stopped and said hi to me. I asked who was getting painted. "I am,' said the Kau, " I'm going to get painted faerie so I can fly with my brother."

The mutant Shoyru smiled and asked if I was being painted.
"Yea I have to pick what color though. I'm not sure."
Do you not like being mutant he asked me.
"No I do, but no one wants a mutant petpet so I'm going to change to get a good home."

That's not fair he said. You shouldn't have to change to get a good home. I'm a mutant pet and I have the best home and the best mom in ALL of neopia. "Really? I bet you have a great petpet too."

Hey, you know what? I don't. My mom hasn't gotten me a petpet yet. Come on! You can come home with me. I'll have to ask my mom but I bet she'll say yes.

So I followed the mutant Shoyru, who's name is VampyreSpike and his sister B_jork home. I really hoped their mom would like me, after all if she has a mutant pet maybe she'll want a mutant petpet. We reached the house and Spike flew inside and started yelling.

We walked into the dining room and there was their mom and the other pets. They were having lunch.

"Spike! Where have you been? Did B_jork get painted?" She turned in her chair and saw me standing with her pets. "Awwww you're cute. What's your name?"

CUTE?!? SOMEONE CALLED ME CUTE? I couldn't speak. Spike told her my name and that he wanted me for his petpet.

"PLEASE MOM? PLEASSSSSSSSSSEEEEEE?" She laughed and said yes. I was so happy! Someone actually wanted me as I was. I didn't have to get painted!

At the MNA meeting that night I told everyone I didn't want to get painted. I like being a mutant and I found someone who likes me being a mutant. It just took awhile but it happened. I told all my friends they shouldn't get painted. There's nothing wrong with being a mutant. Some people actually think they are cute, like my mom Bekca. I walked out of that meeting happier then I have ever been. I love my new home and the new friends I have made there. Bekca is the greatest mom, she thinks I am the cutest thing. Spike takes great care of me, he even lets me ride on his back when he flies. I am so glad I didn't have to get painted. I think I'm perfect, just the way I am.

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