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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Mew Mew
Owner: lilkitten381
Pet: Plucky462
Breed: Miamouse

About Mew Mew:

Plucky slowly rolls her head side to side as if she was switching her tail.
"Psst...wake up," she softly whispers.
A muffled coo is heard, but no response.
"Ack!" Plucky winces in pain as little hands slowly make their way into view.
The kau nervously twitches her ears as the tiny Miamouse gradually makes its way onto the crown of her head.
"Well...this is Mew Mew, and she's sort of a brat-t...,ow"
Mew Mew yanks on the Kau's dark blue mane..."I can speak for myself thank you!"

Mew, matter-of-factly: Hellew, I'm Mew Mew and I live on my Kau's head, neck, back, you name it- it's all mine! It's crazy what you can find in the back of a Kau's back, I mean have you ever thought of what might be back there? *she giggles* Ok, trick question! All my belongings are back there silly!

Plucky, encouraging: Why don't you tell them what you can do?

Mew, scolding: Shhh! You're always telling me about manners!

Mew, boasting: Well, have you ever tried bungee jumping? How about doing that on a moving object? Sometimes, when Plucky's running through the fields I feel sort of like a dare devil, so I climb up to the tippy top of her head. She's running full speed by the way! So I grip my little feet to her head as tight as I can, just so that I don't fall off. The wind is so wild up there! Just as I pick up my hands to either side of my body I let go of my grip & off I go! You'd be surprised just how much my ears help move me through the wind; I can actually figure out which way I'm going to glide!

Plucky, with a worried tone: I slow down while she's doing this though, I'm too scared she's going to move her ear too sharply one day & glide off into the thick grass and I'll never find her!

Mew, with a child-like whine: Awwwwhy did you have to say that for? Right when I was getting to the good part too!

Mew, twirling Plucky's mane: Alright, well if it wasn't for her adding inplaying hide and seek is a blast! Our fur blends in so nicely that sometimes I curl into her warm fur and hide as good as I can. That helps so none of the herd gives away where I'm hiding! It's sort of impossible for her to actually see me though, so instead she twitches part of her body where she thinks I am to "test" the area out for any little petpets. Instead of just twitching and announcing where I am, she uses the furry tip of her tail to point to where she suspects I'm hiding. She doesn't know this but if I can manage it, I try to hop out of my hiding spot and use my ears for gliding down into a different spot.

Plucky: Oh, so that's how you win!

Mew, with a bright smile: Yes, you didn't think I was that good did you? *yawn*

Plucky: *ear becomes alert with the sound of a tiny yawn* I think it's time for another nap for you!

After a few seconds with no response the Kau smiles sweetly.
"Isn't she adorable? She can be bratty, and takes lots of naps, but the entire herd agrees that she's our special little spotlight."

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