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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Einstein
Owner: Softcouch
Pet: Smallpuppybigeyes
Breed: Puppyblew

About Einstein:

Smallpuppy was sitting on the sofa reading a book around 12 NST when he heard loud noises coming from the other room. He carefully walked to the family room and peered over the edge of the wall. He saw his three other family members playing around with their new petpets, having a good time. Smallpuppy sighed and walked back to the sofa which he had been reading his book on. He sighed again and muttered to himself. "I wish I had a petpet to play with..."

Just then the door burst open and Softcouch walked in, holding a square package in her arms. "Where have you been Couch?" Smallpuppy inquired his owner. Softcouch set the package on the coffee table and sat next to her baby Lupe. "Oh, I've just been out running a few errands." Smallpuppy glanced over at the box, curious to know what was inside. "Hey Couch, what exactly is in there?" He pointed to the box. Softcouch picked up the box and put it on her lap. "Oh, you mean this little thing? Oh, it's nothing... EXCEPT FOR IT'S A PRESENT FOR YOU!!" Softcouch smiled and handed the box to her Lupe. "Oh boy! What is it? Is it a new chemistry kit? Or maybe a brand new book hot off the press? Could it be an X9005 computer?" "The only way to find out is to open it!" Couch told Smallpuppy. The baby Lupe took the lid off and glanced inside. Immediately, an Albat jumped out of the box and perched and perched itself on Smallpuppy's shoulder. "Tada! It's your very own petpet!" Softcouch exclaimed, petting the Albat's head. "I'll be out doing some yard work if you need me Smallpuppy!" Softcouch waved. Smallpuppy placed the Albat in front of him on the table, just to get a good look at him. "Wow, my very own petpet!" Smallpuppy thought. "I wonder what he's like inside my lab..." He picked up his new petpet and headed off towards his lab.

"I think I'll name you... Zap! Yeah, I like that name! C'mon Zap, we have work to be done!" Zap followed his new owner inside the amazing laboratory. "Okay, now I want you to be very quiet Zap! I'm working on an experiment that could change Neopet-kind!" Smallpuppy sat down in his chair and carefully began to work on his new experiment. Five minutes later, the Albat screeched an ear-shattering screech. Smallpuppy twirled around in his chair. "Zap, be quiet!" The Albat cocked his head to one side as the baby Lupe began to work again. Five minutes later, Zap screeched again. "ZAP I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!!" Smallpuppy yelled. The Albat kept on screeching all night long until Smallpuppy could take not a second more of it.

"Couch, I want you to sell my Albat in your shop." Smallpuppy asked his owner. "You don't like him? I think he's cute!" "Yeah he's cute and everything, but he makes to much noise when I uh... have to um... READ MY BOOK! Yeah, read my book." Smallpuppy stuttered, trying to keep his lab a secret. Couch shrugged. "Okay, I'll put him in now." Couch took the Albat and placed him in her shop under a sign that said 'Sale! 14,500 Np!

A few days later, someone had bought the petpet and Couch received the money. She counted the Np. "Oh boy! I'll get Smallpuppy a new petpet and still have a lot left over!" She hurried into the petpet shop and purchased a petpet she thought her baby Lupe would love!

When Couch came home that day, she gave Smallpuppy the box and told him it was a new petpet. Smallpuppy hurriedly opened the package and out popped an adorable Poppit! Smallpuppy gasped. "Hey thanks Couch! I'm very happy with my new Poppit!" He scooped up the black and yellow petpet and hurried outside.

"Let's see, a Poppit as nice as you need a name! Let me think... I know, Poppy Seed! Okay then Poppy Seed, let's play some ball!" The Poppit stood there and blinked. Smallpuppy aimed the ball carefully at Poppy Seed and then threw it. The ball sliced through the air and knocked the Poppit on the head. It just stood there and blinked. "Poppy Seed, you're supposed to CATCH the ball!" Smallpuppy moaned. He kept on throwing the ball and every time Poppy Seed would do nothing. Of course, Smallpuppy got very frustrated with this and soon consulted to Softcouch.

"Couch, sell Poppy Seed! He does nothing, except blink! He's boring!" Smallpuppy complained. Softcouch groaned. "Alright, I'll sell him!" She picked up the Poppit and placed him in her shop. The next day, the Poppit was gone and money was in the till. As Couch was walking to the bookstore, she spotted a big sign in the window of the petpet store. "Boween on Sale, only 15,000 Np!" Softcouch scratched her chin. "Hmm... 15k isn't so bad! I'll get Smallpuppy one; maybe it'll work out!" She raced into the shop and quickly laid down 15,000 Np.

Couch came home and gave Smallpuppy the box which he opened up rapidly. He was happy with the Boween and thought that maybe this time it would work out. "I need to give you a name!" stated Smallpuppy. "You need to be called Purple People Eater! Long name, but it is so sweet! Follow me to my room!" Purple People Eater followed suit as Smallpuppy went passed Longtail's room. The door was open and it was clearly visible to what Longtail was doing; she was having a tea party with her Usukis. Purple People Eater spotted the pink room and immediately raced inside.

Down the hall, Smallpuppy stopped at his door. "Okay, here we are Purple People Eat-" Smallpuppy swung his head back and forth, trying to spot his petpet. "Where did you go Purple People Eater?" He yelled as he ran down the hall in search of the Boween. Then, he came to Longtail's room. His jaw dropped and his eyes popped out of his head. There was his Boween doing the stuff Longtail liked to do! "Oh, hi Boris! Is this your petpet?" Longtail inquired. "Yes, he's my petpet!" Smallpuppy was steaming. I like him; he likes the stuff that I like!" Smallpuppy got very red in the face when he heard his older sister saying that. "WHAT?! THAT'S IT! SOFTCOUCH IS GOING TO SELL HIM RIGHT NOW!" Smallpuppy shrieked. He picked up the Boween and ran to Softcouch; saying to please sell the petpet. Softcouch was getting very tired of this of course. She placed the petpet in her shop and got the money out the next day. "Okay Smallpuppy! This is the LAST time I'm getting you a petpet!" Softcouch scolded her baby Lupe as she headed out to buy a petpet for Smallpuppy.

Smallpuppy was pacing the floor nervously, awaiting his new petpet. Just then, the door opened up and there stood Softcouch with a baby Puppyblew sleeping in her arms. "You got him at the petpet shop?" Smallpuppy questioned admiring the cute petpet. Softcouch shook her head. "No, I was on my way to the petpet store when I saw a sign that said "Puppyblew Puppies for Sale!" I went to the house and chose this one for you." She placed the little bundle of fur on the sofa. "Do you like him, Smallpuppy?" Softcouch eagerly asked. "Yeah, I like him." Smallpuppy smiled.

It wasn't long before the Puppyblew grew older. "Softcouch, I think its high-time I name my Puppyblew!" Smallpuppy suggested at the dinner table. Softcouch glanced down at the Puppyblew. "Yeah, me too. What do you want to name him? Hmm... I know; Einstein!" Einstein and Smallpuppy grew up to be best friends. Einstein would help Smallpuppy in the lab, and Smallpuppy programmed a data chip that allowed the duo to understand and talk to each other. Before long, Smallpuppy had purchased a red satin collar with a gold letter "E" hanging down from it. He slipped it onto the Puppyblew, who was very happy. Smallpuppy still has Einstein to this very day.

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