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Petpet Spotlight

Submit your petpet to the Petpet Spotlight!

- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Yaztachimal
Owner: Wubba_tha_lop_minion
Pet: Alsartahs
Breed: Yullie

About Yaztachimal:

"Dear Neopets Team, (and Fellow Neopians)
My name is Yaztachimal (the Yellow Yullie), and I am writing to you because I wish to recieve the Petpet Spotlight.
Why? You might ask.
Because us Yullie's (in my opinion) deserve more recognition!
Why? You might repeat.
Because we are the ones who deliver your neomails to one another, all over Neopia!, reguardless the weather or distance.

I bet you didn't know that, did you? Well, in this entry, I will explain to you all how it is all done...

Every single Yullie in Neopia lives in somebody's inbox. You may not see us, you may not know we're there, but that's because we're so good at hiding ;) Everytime you type your message, the moment you press 'SEND' a giant, tasty, golden-brown cookie containing abit of information makes its way into your Inbox-Yullie's outstreched paws and poised jaws.

We eat the Cookie, and immediatly the information surges through our brain. As though controlled by remotes, our little limbs speed into action. We zoom to whoever in Neopia you intend to send your message to. The journey can be gruelling, for sometimes we have to travel long distances.

Infact, on the odd occasion or two, some Yullie's have been known to be eaten whole by wild Aisha's or other hungry neopets. This often happens if your inbox has 100 messages. The reason is this:
Yullies have to keep all the cookies in your messages contained inside of your inbox safely in their bellies.
This makes your Inbox-Yullie very, VERY fat.
The fatter they are, the slower they are.
The slower they are, the more likely a wild neopet will eat your little Mail-Mouse, meaning you can never get a message delivered to you because your fat little Wintery petpet has been gobbled. (Don't worry! We WILL return, IF you delete some of your old messages. Please, don't ask me how we escape.)

The hours are long, and the work is hard. But for those of you out there with Yullies, please, after a long day of running around delivering messages and stuffing their faces full of information-filled cookies, give your Yullie an extra cuddle and a pat, because nothing is more rewarding than a loving owner!

Speaking of owners, My master is a Lost Desert Kau named Alsartahs! His previous petpet got eaten by Turmaculus before the PetPet Arena was released. So, I was bought as a present when he was most upset. My name, (Yaztachimal) is Aztec. I don't know what for...Some time I'd love to find out!

However, the name itself creates a personality of both energy and potential,( and also the want for power). So I spend alot of my spare time in the Battle Arena with Alsartahs at my side, or at home curled upon my masters shoulder whilst he reads or writes. (He's a BIG fan of literature, and enjoys the Neopian Times. It rubs off onto me too.. I want to draw comics some day!)

Anyhoo, this was my entry, I hope it filled your minds alittle more about the ways of how Neopia runs, Toodles!

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